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5 Tips for an Accurate Residential Remodeling Estimate


More than half of the homes in the US are older houses in need of updates Residential Remodeling , repairs, or even complete remodels. If you’re living in one of these, then you’re probably thinking about rolling up your sleeves and getting some work done!

Residential remodeling isn’t something you can just dive into, though. You need to count the cost before you start plugging in the power tools! Your budget begins with estimates.

Read on to learn five tips for getting the best remodeling estimate!

Have Solid Plans

Make a plan before you begin your home renovation. The more detailed you are, the better your remodeling estimation will be. While you can’t anticipate unforeseen problems, like unexpected repairs, you can budget your project with a thorough and specific blueprint.

Keep in mind not only the renovations you’d like to complete but the quality you expect as well. The materials you choose will greatly impact the remodeling costs. So will the reputation and speed of your contractors.

Factor in Hidden Costs

When you start a home improvement plan, you’ll soon discover that you’re paying for more than labor and materials. When estimating your final cost, consider all the fees involved.

You will need permits for any structural changes, a disposal plan for demo debris, and there will be cleaning and extras after the work is done as well. All of these necessary factors may not be included in your initial estimate – add on as needed.

Get Multiple Quotes

As you consult people with different skills, you may find that your estimates are widely varied. By comparing multiple contractors you are more likely to arrive at an accurate number. The average will be close to what you end up paying.

Estimates will include different services. Ask for the exact list of tasks in the estimate from each contractor. This allows you to compare the prices fairly.

Use Remodeling Estimate Software

Did you know that remodeling estimating software can get you a quote in as little as a few minutes? All you have to do is enter a few dimensions and the project you would like completed and the software does the rest.

They can break down your project into steps and show you the price for each renovation. Some software can update the remodeling estimation in real-time. You will be free to change your mind about certain details.

Ask for Help

While asking your friends and family the cost of their renovations is not a great strategy for your own estimates, there are professionals that you can consult!

You can hire a project manager or ask for help from those with experience. Don’t let your lack of expertise cause a problem in your budget. Even templates and general averages can give you a good idea of your remodeling costs!

Get Your Estimate Today

Don’t start your home renovation without a budget and a plan! Get a remodeling estimate now and get working on turning your house into your dream home.

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