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Does free VPN benefit us? Why do we need a paid one?


Does free VPN benefit us? Why do we need a paid one when we have free VPN options?

Many services available on the internet are free to use. This may include social media platforms, online music, and video streaming sites, or e-commerce platforms, etc.

But these services come with paid subscriptions which offer us various services that are not provided to the free users.

Types Of A VPN

There are two types- Paid and free. Although both perform the same tasks- providing you security and privacy and allowing you access to the content all over the world- there may be some differences that may create a wide line between the services provided by free and paid providers.

Basic Features Of A VPN

The basic features that we look for in a provider are its speed, encryption, availability, coverage, etc. There might be a chance that a free provides good speed, but other features like security and privacy are compromised. This is the case that occurs widely in this sphere.

A free VPN with the greatest speed in the world! What else do we want?

It has been found out that the privacy parameters and encryption of the Free are not that good. A good VPN hides your actual IP Address and gives you a fake IP address, sometimes even lets you decide one for yourself based on the regions listed by them.

Contrary to it, it was also found out that free sometimes reveal your actual IP Address and thus anyone keeping an eye on you might break the security barriers.

Does Free VPN Benefits Us? Why Do We Need A Paid VPN?

Paid service providers give you an encryption algorithm of AES-256-GCM and a 4096-bit DH key. Also, its anti-logging policy safeguards your data.

A paid service providers make money from the fees that are paid to them by the users in the form of subscription fees to have access to its services.

But free , with no fees to claim, have to rely on other sources to earn income through their platform. For this purpose, it is believed that the free service providers sometimes give you limited features and have add-on in-app purchases that lure you with more features and accordingly coerce you to buy their paid services.

Free VPN Vs Paid VPN

Free VPNs may also make money by interrupting your streaming through advertisements, which they are paid for showing. Free VPNs are low-budget and so their cons include a small network, a lot of advertisements, and international speed throttling, which in return reduces the speed of your browsing. Through Turbo VPN Review we found that it provides good speed and streaming experience.

The security of a free is often compromised to save costs or even generate income. E.g., some may sell your information to get money and may give other users a sneak peek into your connection- the complete opposite of what a is meant to do right?

Therefore, it is recommended to use free only if you wish to have limited security while using free Wi-Fi networks and some other limited features of . But if you run large organizations and thrive for the maintenance of privacy and security of your data, you are recommended to use a paid service provider.

Are Free VPNs Bad?

Though it is not completely true that all free is bad at providing security. Some reliable free might have some limitations depends on them. But trusting that are free as well as provide unlimited features and services, is a very risky choice. There are many best free service providers such as Hola VPN or you also look at Hola VPN alternatives it all up to you.

On the other hand, if we talk about paid , they allow no compromise in their security provisions. They have end-to-end encryption with the latest available DNS technologies. There is no limitation on the amount of data used by you on paid , unlike the free ones.

Who Offers More Servers?

It is widely seen that the server locations that are provided access to the users by paid are generally more as compared to free VPNs.

This means, more geographical barriers are removed and users have access to more geo-restricted services and websites.

Paid can unblock all restricted websites even in countries with conservative governments like North Korea or China and make banned content available to the people.

Paid VPNs today have lowered the price of their services and also provide free trials and money-back guarantees.

Conclusion: Does Free VPN Benefit Us? Why Do We Need A Paid One?

To conclude, it depends on the requirements of the user, which he should get for his/her device. If your concerns are privacy and security, you should consider having a paid VPN.

Otherwise, you can go for a free one. It is rightly believed that nothing in this world comes for free. The same is the case with a VPN – either you pay for it with your money, or you have to pay for it by compromising your security as well as your ease of accessibility!

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