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5 Ways Big Data Can Help Grow Business in 2020


The Java programming language was developed more than 24 years ago by Sun Microsystem. In the past few years, it has become the foundation of most of the websites and applications we are using these days. If you are an entrepreneur and want to develop a Java-based web application for your business, then you will need an experienced Java developer to fulfill your task.

This coding language is also being used for the development of enterprise software, mobile applications, web scripting games, and embedded systems; and is used in building various banking and financial applications that are running in banks all over the world.

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Last but not least, big brands like Amazon, Google, and Facebook use Java for developing their applications. For all these reasons and more, Java is considered as one of the best options for enterprise and web development. This is the reason that most of the professionals around the world are so keen to work as Java developers.

Let’s have a look at the reasons why you should choose Java for web development.

  • Platform independency

Platform interdependency is one of the best and most important reasons to choose Java for web development. This language helps developers to write code once and use or reuse the code anywhere. It makes it very handy and usable in multi-platform applications easily. Because of this feature, there is no need for changing hardware or operating systems. There will be no inconvenience or loss of money for resolving the incompatibility of existing software which is why Java programming languages are used over other platform-dependent languages.

  • Low security risk

Another reason behind developers going for Java web application development is because it’s highly secure. Java has various inbuilt security features like advanced authentication, cryptography, and access control which make it highly usable for developers. A developer can use its extensive API including secure login mechanisms, digital signatures, ciphers, creating a custom security policy, and more.

  • API abundance

This is an important benefit as these free APIs are available to the developers. With this, you will have APIs for networking, I/O, XML parsing, database connection, utilities, and whatnot. It also has APIs for open source libraries such as Apache POI, Apache Commons, Jackson, Google Guava, and many many more.

  • Multi-threading capability

Java has the capability of managing multiple users or threads simultaneously. This rules out the need to execute multiple copies of the code on the same system. With this programming language, developers can create many threads within a single copy of the software. This multithreaded environment allows users to experience faster response time, fewer issues, multiple operations, and better performance.

  • Scalability

Scalability allows the system to improve specific characteristics of the system by increasing the available resources. The software solutions created using Java will be able to handle multiple tasks easily. It enables developers to work with higher request rates and larger data sets. The Java language is capable of adapting to the needs of the web application. Developers will have to add minimal and simple codes for improving the response time and the performance of your web application.

  • Enhanced productivity

Java has outstanding developer tools and IDE to ensure higher productivity this makes it one of the best programming languages. NetBeans and Eclipse are just the examples of its two most popular IDEs. There are other free and open-source tools and plugins available to help in Java programming and testing the Java applications.

  • Feature of object-oriented programming

Java is an Object Oriented Programming language which makes managing and coding easy. This feature also helps in keeping systems modular, flexible, and scalable. Objects created in Java are reusable in different applications which reduces the cost of application development.

  • Community Support

The Java programming language has a huge community around it and they usually interact on forums, groups, conferences, seminars, and more. These community members share their knowledge with developers around the world. There are active forums, Stack Overflow, open-source organizations, and several Java groups to help newcomers with their queries. There are different communities, they are dedicated to helping beginners, intermediate, and even expert Java developers. There are Java developers contributing to the community as a developer or as a tester.

  • Usage in real-world applications

The best thing about Java is that it is being used in almost all kinds of applications, which creates many career opportunities for them. Most of the market-leading companies are building their apps and websites using Java programming language as it is the best option for developing any kind of enterprise web application.

A Java developer can get a job in any industry including healthcare, manufacturing, and financial services. This is also a great option for the latest technologies like IoT, Cloud development, AI, Data Mining, Games, Smart devices, and applications based on AR/VR.

This article was just an overview of some of the best reasons you should choose Java for web development, but there is plenty more to talk about. If you are an entrepreneur and want to develop a Java-based web application for your business, then you will need an experienced Java developer to fulfill your task.

Some companies have prior experience of building similar web applications, you can use them too. If you are a student willing to start your career in the field of web development then you must choose a good course to gain knowledge of this field. Various Java certifications in the market will help you showcase your skills and grab the attention of your employer.

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