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7 Benefits Of Outsourcing Your Recruitment Process


Recruitment process outsourcing, or RPO, is a very beneficial tool in most companies. It is the process of outsourcing either some or all of your hiring and recruitment processes.

Many company managers and leaders believe that turning to other options might be more useful or they might stick to the solutions that they already have, but RPO is a great alternative.

The global RPO market was valued at 5.48 billion USD in 2019 and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 18.5% between 2020-2027. If you’re thinking about whether or not to implement RPO in your organization, here are 7 benefits of outsourcing Recruitment.

1. Access to a talent pool

One of the major problems that recruiters face while interviewing candidates is the lack of young talent. Suitably qualified candidates are pretty rare to find and most of them spurt out answers based solely on textbook knowledge.

Without the help of an outsourcing organization, it can be quite difficult to hunt down appropriate candidates and select them on the basis of their merit. RPOs have an extensive database that makes it easy to find the required talent.

2. Reduced costs

Another great advantage of hiring an RPO is that the costs can be greatly reduced when you employ them. Many companies often hire headhunters or job boards or spend money unnecessarily on high turnover rates.

A very simple alternative is to get in touch with an established RPO like Meritos which will give you a whole lot of benefits without affecting the cost.

3. RPO analytics

RPO agencies have a huge database that makes it possible for them to predict and understand future trends. RPO analytics is a major part of their firm and using such information, they can advise their clients or employers regarding potential talent requirements.

This also helps to balance the demand and supply chain and ensure that the client’s company doesn’t face any problems. Using an effective and dynamic strategy, an RPO firm will recruit only the best.

4. Hiring manager satisfaction

Increased hiring manager satisfaction is yet another aspect of an RPO firm. Hiring managers now have a benchmark or a way to figure out the successes of their efforts. They also get more support from their executives throughout the recruiting process.

As a result, everyone is able to do their job better and the workload is evenly distributed. When you have an RPO partner like Meritos, for example, the managers will be much more satisfied and happy with the results.

5. Compliance with local regulations

This is especially important if your organization has just moved to another locality or state that has new rules and regulations. Local recruitment laws vary vastly from one country to the other, as well as among different states or cities.

To avoid any kind of legal complications, you should outsource your recruitment process because they have a fair idea of all the local laws and rules. Since employment rules are constantly evolving, and RPO firm keeps track of all these rules.

6. Enhanced employment brand

The employment brand is basically the identity of the company as an employer and when the entire recruitment process is going smoothly, the employment brand naturally improves.

This is because, if the quality of your candidates improves, this will serve as a source of inspiration for other potential candidates too. The hiring managers will say positive things about your organization and your company will look much better as a whole.

7. Faster process

If your company doesn’t have outsourcing, the recruitment and interview process can be very lengthy and tedious. A good RPO firm will make the process much simpler and faster.

Organizations constantly have to keep the time limit in mind to work more efficiently and adapt to the ever-changing business landscape. Whenever there is a delay in hiring candidates, the company faces a loss. But outsourcing this task can reduce quite some time as well as money.

Over to you…

Employing a professional outsourcing recruitment department can be a huge advantage to your company. It not only eases the strain on the HR department but also improves efficiency and productivity.

Meritos is one of the leading RPO firms in Australia, with a team of experts who believe in quality and purpose. From interim leadership programs to HR consulting and board search and advisory, Meritos should be your first choice when you look for a well-established outsourcing company.

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