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Everything You Need to Know About Using Valet Parking


Never used valet parking before? If not, don’t worry; you are not alone. The good news is that there are several pointers to keep in mind to ensure that you do not turn up unprepared.

We will discuss how the procedure will unfold, including how to get ready, how much to pay the valet, when to tip, and other relevant information. Do not be alarmed. This is a straightforward procedure; our main concern is to ensure that you are well prepared. It’s a lot less stressful than finding a parking place on your own.

How it Works

Parking utilizing valet is straightforward. Simply drive up to the location, pay the charge (if one is required), and then let the concierge take your car away. As soon as you come back, the valet will deliver your car, and you may drive away.

Valet service is available at a wide variety of establishments, including hotels, events, upscale restaurants, amusement parks, and various other major parking facilities. You may begin your search in your city, such as Miami, for a convenient valet parking service by perusing the listings on Depending on where you go, prices can range anywhere from ten dollars to more than forty dollars. Some certain establishments and events provide free valet parking.

What to Do Before You Arrive

Remove or hide any valuables and do a quick clean-up of your car. Given that you would be allowing another person to use your vehicle, you must conceal any valuables that you may have left visible within the vehicle. This holds true regardless of where you park. You don’t want to give the impression that you are a slob, so you should clean up the crumbs and garbage that are lying about in your vehicle.

Bring cash for the tipping portion of the bill. Yes, it is customary to provide a gratuity for the valet, even if there is free valet parking. Because their hourly rate is lower than the state minimum wage in many areas, they must rely on these tips to make up the difference in their income. Remember to bring some smaller cash with you so that you may leave a tip!

What to Do When You Arrive

After you have arrived, you will drive up to the valet parking area, and once there, you will simply exit your vehicle and have it parked for you. When you are attending a formal event or going to a high-end restaurant, the valet may open the door for you.

After that, they will give you a claim ticket that you need to bring with you when you go to pick up your vehicle. If the valet who takes your automobile is not the same valet who brings it back to you, you should probably tip the valet who took it from you.

How Much to Tip Your Valet

The good news is this is a simple range, and as a result, you won’t need to whip out a tip calculator for valet service. Several aspects determine the quantity of the tip, including the quality of the service you receive, the cost of parking, and even how kind you are feeling.

It is not typical to leave several tips during a single day at a hotel, even if you check in and depart many times. You will only need to tip once on that particular day; however, you may want to leave a larger tip in consideration that they will be parking and collecting your car many times. Additionally, you have to make an effort to tip each valet that you come across.

Even while you don’t need to tip extra if you drive a fancy car, the valet will probably anticipate a larger tip from you anyway. Those who drive luxury automobiles have the financial means to leave larger tips. As a last point of discussion, if you paid a higher parking charge, you should leave a somewhat larger tip.

Does the Tip Vary Based on the Establishment?

It’s not required, but it’s standard practice to tip the same amount at a hotel valet as you would at a formal event. No matter the hotel’s location, the standard tip ranges from $2 to $5.

When working in the service business, tips can quickly become significant. You are expected to leave gratuities for the bellman, room service, waiters, taxi drivers, bartenders, table service, tour guides, housekeepers, the tip jar at coffee shops, the employees on cruise ships, and the majority of other service workers. You should only employ the valet parking service if you are prepared to provide a tip.

What Happens If You Receive Bad Service?

You had poor service, and you wonder whether it is necessary to always tip. Tipping for valet parking is like tipping in restaurants in that you don’t have to leave a large tip if the service you received wasn’t very excellent. For instance, if they were hostile, you would wish to leave a smaller tip than usual. On the other hand, not leaving any tip is an unusual practice that should only be done if the service is really poor.

When to Tip More

If the person helping you park your car goes above and beyond the call of duty, you should increase the tip that you give them. They may assist you with your baggage, provide you with driving instructions, or simply be very pleasant toward you. It is not required that you leave a larger tip in this circumstance, but doing so is a wonderful way to express your gratitude to them for the outstanding service they provided.

When you forget anything in your car and ask the valet parking attendant to bring it back for you, this is another instance in which you should tip the attendant extra. Additionally, you might want to factor in a little bit of additional time if you plan on checking in and checking out of a hotel many times in a single day.

You may also wish to leave a larger tip if you want to receive preferential treatment, such as a specific parking spot if all of their other spaces are used.

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