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7 Best Payment Gateways for Small Businesses

Payment Gateways

The advent of technology payment gateways in banking and finance has accelerated business transformation. Fintech, the impressive combination of Finance and Technology, has led to secure transactions and better processes.

Payment Gateways and solutions that accepts payment on the spot are significant innovations in this industry, especially the Stripe payment gateway. It has improved financial transactions between businesses and enabled online stores to grow limitlessly. Earlier, the transactions were dependent on cash or card. Today, we have several modes of payment, including wallets and UPI. 

Businesses can enhance payment experiences and improve engagement by implementing the right gateway. This will also help reduce cart blooket codes abandonments. 

Want to know which payment gateway will best fit your business needs? We have curated a list of the top payment gateway that we believe will help you with managing transactions. 

Top Payment Gateways for Small Businesses

If you are asking the question- of which payment gateway you should implement in your application, here’s our answer. We have curated a list of the top payment gateways that you can think of for your business. 

1. Stripe

If you want a payment gateway that is flexible and customizable, you should go with Stripe. It offers all the tools you need to give your users the apt payment experience.

Stripe is synonymous with payment gateway, and is one of the most popular. It is free to use and demands a low processing fee. This is why it is the best fit for all small businesses. 

You can implement it to your website as well as mobile app easily. If you are not a developer, you can use the low-code tool with pre-built templates to build your gateway.

The Key Features of Stripe

  • Interface toolkit with analytics, design, and frontend development tools
  • Role-based access for better security
  • Multiple payment options for increased flexibility
  • Unified payout system for seamless fund routing
  • One-click dashboard for quick reporting

2. Adyen

The payment gateway offers a modern infrastructure that connects your business to Visa. As a result, you can offer secure transactions to small businesses with this Payment Gateways. 

The platform offers end-to-end payments and financial solutions in a single place. For small businesses, this offers the opportunity to grow into newer avenues and landscapes. 

With the insight-building feature, you understand the under-tapped areas and build a better payment landscape blooket.join.

It can even identify and handle fraud, thus securing transactions. 

The Key Features of Adyen

  • Instant payments by storing the data securely within the app
  • Reporting dashboard that gives a complete insight into the financial data
  • Fraud protection tools that enable better security
  • Online and in-app payments for better flexibility
  • Support for multiple currencies


This payment gateway is backed by Visa. It is pretty flexible in the payment opportunities it offers businesses. You can add new merchants and providers to the application using this gateway. 

The payment button is usable and user-friendly. You can easily connect the application to the payment site using the gateway for experiential payments and increased security. 

This payment gateway allows you to seek Payment Gateways from global companies and users. You can use this gateway by paying $25 per month. The processing fee is 2.9%. You need to pay a specific amount (depending on the country) for every transaction you make. 

The Key Features of

  • This gateway accepts all payment types- cards, wallets, and UPI
  • You can monitor and manage all transactions from a single place
  • It can help recognize and handle frauds for increased security
  • A single dashboard to view all your transactions
  • Provides easy API integration
  • Customer Information manager

4. NMI

It is a versatile and robust payment gateway that helps manage transactions seamlessly. It is processor agnostic and is compatible with all web and mobile applications. You can even integrate this gateway with shopping cart solutions and CRMs. 

The payment gateway was designed to make transactions simple and user-friendly. You can use the tools to develop end-to-end payment solutions that enhance your Payment Gateways user experience.

You can customize the solutions to meet your unique business requirements. This gateway offers over 200 payment processors. The best part of this solution is that you have full control of the payment hardware. 

The Key Features of NMI

  • Advanced omnichannel reporting for better insight-building and decision making
  • Connect with multiple merchant accounts from a single place
  • Use QR codes to complete the transactions
  • Unique tokenization feature that induces security
  • 125+ shopping carts integrated into the system
  • Supports major payment types for ease of transaction. 

5. Square

This is a popular payment gateway that many eCommerce businesses are using. This tool can be used to build your eCommerce website from scratch. If you already have a website, you can use the tool to create a thriving payment gateway that can enhance transactional experiences. 

The low code tool allows you to build apt payment solutions with limited to no knowledge of technology. You can easily integrate the payment system on websites built using Wix and WooCommerce.

It is free to use. For every transaction, you need to pay a 2.9% processing fee. Additionally, you will be charged a specific amount (depending on the country) as commission. 

The Key Features of Square

  • Integrates with multiple API
  • Easy to customize the gateway to suit your transaction needs
  • Manage and monitor all transactions from a single place
  • Build app checkout to meet your customer’s requirements
  • Role-based access to the employees for better transactions

6. Cybersource

This is yet another payment gateway backed by Visa. A click-n-pay solution makes it easy for developers to build the right checkout solutions for shopping carts and other business requirements.

It is customizable to suit international markets. You can build a multilingual and multi-currency payment gateway for mobile and web applications.

It is used by several top companies. However, it is equally suited for all small businesses. They offer custom pricing that depends on your business requirements. 

The Key Features of Cybersource

  • This gateway works in 190+ countries globally.
  • Its unique tokenization feature offers great security
  • It has partnered with 200+ processors
  • The gateway offers merchant support 
  • QR code transactions

7. Braintree

It is backed by PayPal and offers convenient payment solutions for all merchant types. It is a convenient payment solution provider that offers merchants greater control over their payments. 

It is one of the prominent payment gateways used by top companies globally. You can create custom plugins for recurring payments using this tool. It is a free-to-use tool that is best fit for small business owners. 

The Key Features of Braintree

  • A one-click dashboard that allows you to monitor and manage all the transactions
  • Developer tools that help you build customizations to enhance payment experiences
  • Available in 40+ countries and supports 130+ currencies
  • Enables ACH payment processing
  • In-person and online payments are possible
  • Integrates with third-party apps and APIs easily


Payment gateways can improve checkout and enhance shopping experiences. You can ensure minimal shopping cart abandonments with these solutions. 

We have discussed the top 7 payment gateways that can help improve transactions on your website. They are fit for both B2B and B2C business types. Before you make a choice, you should state your requirements, budget, and goals to determine the right payment solution.

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