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What You Should Know About Having a Beaded Wedding Dress

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No doubt, your wedding can be one of the most memorable days in your life. Therefore, you need to find a glamorous wedding dress that can make you feel comfortable and boost your confidence. Perhaps, glittery and sparkly wedding dresses can be a great option for such events. Beaded wedding dresses or beaded bridesmaid dresses are the hottest and newest wedding trends nowadays. 

Regardless of whether they are sequin touches or crystal embroidery, these wedding dresses can elevate your bridesmaids to another level of glamor. If you are looking for a beaded wedding dress, then you can rest assured that you can find something that suits your body structure. This page discusses what you should know about having a beaded wedding dress.  

Have a budget

When you are shopping for a beaded wedding dress, it’s a good idea to keep in mind your budget. This is because it can sometimes be quite easy to exceed your budget when exploring embellishments and fabrics. Most designer wedding dresses and exclusive beaded fabrics are usually individually hand-beaded and hand-made. Therefore, it can take a lot of time and effort to create a custom beaded wedding dress and fabrics alone can often take at least six and seven months to produce. As a result, it’s quite common to find that the price tag for these dresses tends to increase with more detail and beading incorporated into them.

But sacrificing the beautiful beaded fabric you love should not be the only answer. A simple way to incorporate this stunning embellished style without the high price tag is to use it in the top part of your dress. Remember that beaded fabrics that are on the bottom hem of the skirt can sometimes not get noticed compared to an intricate and beautiful bodice feature. And, if you like the appearance of beads but don’t desire to compromise on the looks of a fully sparkly wedding dress, consider using sequins or tulle. Just like beads, sequins can also provide a stunning touch of extravagance and shine to any wedding dress.  

Use clear sequins

There is a chance that you love sparkly diamonds, so there is another option that can make your wedding dress shine without the high price tag. Most people believe that you can achieve a shimmery by choosing a bead or a silver-colored sequin. While the reflective side of silver and aluminum-like finish can be great when it comes to creating a sparkle, it can usually change the looks significantly. 

You can retain its traditional bridal finish and natural color by choosing a clear and simple sequin. Transparent and clear sequins are often the best way you can achieve a beautiful shine and shimmer while still remaining bridal in your looks and appearance. 

You need to avoid matte-colored embellishments because this can usually give you a bit of shine when the lights reach the surface. Keep in mind that sequins are available in a wide range of sizes, though it can depend on your design of youra. If you want a subtler glow, you can decide to alternate both transparent and ivory-toned sequins throughout your wedding dress. Sequin fabric is usually affordable compared to a heavily beaded design. But it’s also less prone to unraveling because it’s lightweight.   

Use appliqué to lower the weight of your beaded wedding dress

Embellished wedding dresses are beautiful as they have a sparkly glow, subtle texture, and intricate design, but it can be a challenge to wear a beaded. Genuine beads and pearls are usually slightly heavier than plastic bugle beads and hollow pearls. No wonder, a couture bespoke wedding dress can be quite heavy. Aside from being uncomfortable when you carry an entire weight during your wedding day, a heavily beaded wedding dress also tends to stretch and can manipulate with wear. 

You can avoid these from happening by making sure that your designer constructs your wedding dress with a detailed in-built corset. In this way, the weight of the beads can be supported and the patterns and design tend to sit flat and nicely on your figure and curves.

You can also reduce the weight of your beaded by choosing an appliqué method. Remember that appliqué refers to a technical dressmaking technique to mean that your beaded wedding design is hand-cut and reassembled on your wedding dress. Appliqué allows you to have good control of how little or how much beading you want throughout your custom. This is a great way you can scatter the beads throughout the wedding dress without having them all over.  

Look for a professional dry cleaner 

There are many things that can happen to your dress on your wedding day. This includes walking through the vineyard, guests stepping on your train, dropping a splash of wine on your dress, and many more. It can be a huge challenge to keep your spotless on the wedding day. But unlike other types of wedding dresses, a beaded wedding dress is usually one of a kind. Most brides often get their dry cleaned once the wedding is finished, but it’s crucial to remember that few dry cleaners care for beaded wedding dresses.

The truth is that the crystals and beading can melt when you use some chemicals and high heat. Therefore, you need to research in advance and choose a reputable professional dry cleaner with enough experience in cleaning and caring for these beaded. 

If you want a quick fix on your wedding day, then you can use a damp cloth with cool water as well as a drop of mild detergent to care for your beaded. Take note that you should ask your dressmaker and designer about the fabric and beading they utilized to make your wedding dress so that you can know how to care for it. As explained earlier, some beaded have a high price tag, so you need to ensure that you give it the best care.

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