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8 Web Design Tips to Keep You Ahead of the Competition

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A site is the face of your business and the main tool for attracting new customers. Do you want to interest the visitor from the first seconds and keep him on the site? Use the latest web design techniques. Start attracting a regular flow of visitors and easily convert them into regular customers.

Connect a bot 

What a few years ago seemed like science fiction is now a harsh reality. Install a chatbox on the site. And not only because it is one of the main trends. By adding a “smart answering machine”, you will establish communication with customers.

Customers are becoming more demanding. There are plenty of sellers now. Not receiving a prompt response, visitors will simply leave and forget about you. If you connect a “smart answering machine”, your employees will not need to be online 24 hours a day. The client will receive all the necessary information and make a purchase even at night.

Make the mobile version first

You may have heard many times that your site needs to be adapted for mobile devices.  And statistics confirm this:

  • 82% of users make a purchase decision by accessing the Internet from a telephone.
  • 62% of people prefer to search for answers to questions instantly using a smartphone.

Adaptation alone is not enough. Today, the approach to creating website design is changing. Make the mobile version first, and then launch the full site. Thus, you perfectly display all the important elements on the phone screen. Indeed, often a full version on mobile looks unpresentable and stripped down.

Add the correct fonts

Fonts have become a design element. They even replace the photo. Remember, on the mobile screen, small and sometimes important details of an image need to be examined under a microscope. While the text can be perfectly entered into any screen.

Write the words in the horizontal and vertical directions – this will highlight your site among a series of similar ones. But don’t spoil it:

  • Choose fonts that are easy to describe.
  • Use not more than 3 fonts.
  • Check out the fonts on your competitors’ sites.

Another trend is the use of capital bold letters in the page menu. Thus, all the inscriptions look uniform. They are easy to read and understand. The main thing – try to make points short.

Use bright colours

The white clean design has been popular for a long time. And this is a good solution that does not lose relevance. But if you want to stand out, use bright pastel colors and gradients. They are back in fashion. Follow these 3 rules so as not to overload your site and make it convenient for visitors:

  • Stick to a maximum of 2 colours or 1 gradient.
  • Use the colours of your brand – and regular customers will easily recognize the site.
  • Design a call to action button by playing in contrast.

Adjust according to the visitor

Today, you can find out any information about potential customers. Set up analytics (for example, Google Analytics) and change your site depending on who is logged in.

You used to create different landing pages. Now one page is enough. Display specific blocks or menu items depending on who came to you – a 25-year-old man or a 60-year-old woman.

Create the appearance of a fast loading site

The score has long gone by seconds. A long page load can cause potential customers to close the site, so your task is to hold them for a long. Choose between design and speed, and increasingly in favour of the first? I have a way out for you.

Create fast loading visibility for visitors. Use a “skeletal” structure when the page loads in stages. Blurry blocks are drawn first and then sharpened. Visitors see that progress has begun, and are in no hurry to close the page.

Add animation

It dilutes the static page and attracts attention. Use an image on which only part of the picture moves. Now simple and effective photos are in trend. Use graphic maker in the header of your site to keep the attention of new visitors.

Also, add unobtrusive animations to the call to action button. It will be easier for visitors to notice and press it. But this is the main goal of your site, so go ahead!

Use the video

Everyone loves videos. They are dynamic, interesting and inspire confidence. Show your customers in all its glory. Add a personalization site. So you can increase traffic and increase conversion. Make a video the full width of the screen so as not to distract attention from it, or add a short call to action.


No matter how hard the designers try, more and more often content becomes the main element. The designing techniques change every year since there is a big competition all over the internet. Keep your website up to date and try to enhance its look according to the modern designs.

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