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Amazing Ways to Market Your Business Through Facebook In the United States

Facebook Marketing

Facebook has become the number 1 social media site in the world bringing in 2.6 billion people together, or as for us, potential customers. If we talk about the United States alone then 71% of Facebook users are Americans, which is a colossal number.

Facebook marketing is simply a well of untapped potential. Every day the team behind the platform is making it business-friendly apart from its social component. So, let’s get started with a few tips that can help you market your business on Facebook efficiently.

Making the Most Out of Your Business Page

Facebook has something for everyone. Facebook is an amazing online marketplace for business as much as it’s a social platform. Similar to a celebrity’s fan page, you can make a page of your own business.

These pages will help the general public familiarize with your brand much better. Adding information like contact, shop address, featured products, images, and sharing links will develop your business’s personality and character on this online platform.

On top of all the necessary information, try to light a creative spark on your page to attract visitors. Things like funny videos related to your products, visually appealing advertisements, and informational videos can crowd up your pages with likes.

More people sharing your content, the more publicity for your page. And if by any chance one of your videos goes viral, then “oh boy!” you’ll be in for a treat!

Spend a Little, Gain More with Ads

Do you think your business isn’t getting the attention it deserves? Well, then you can opt for Facebook’s form of advertisement known as Facebook ads. These are wholesale online marketplace based ads that appear on a user’s news feed. They can be random or according to your search preferences.

For instance, you run a luxury watch company and decide to opt for Facebook ads. People who search or lookup watches on Facebook will start seeing ads of your business on their newsfeed. This is an ingenious way of letting sellers meet potential buyers through an automated process of advertisements.

Since you are spending additional money on ads, make sure to make it as catchy and demographic-specific as possible for maximum benefit. Facebook offers many features for ad management  such as:

  • Fix a specific Advertisement budget.
  • Ad performance measurement tools and data visualization charts.
  • Limiting your ad reach to a specific area or country.
  • Demographic targeting is based on location, education, and interests.

Boosting Your Posts

So, you are about to post news about a grand sale, a limited edition product, or anything in general that needs well-deserved hype on the platform. In this case, why not try boosting your post to reach double the people, not possible by just organic traffic?

Facebook charges a flat fee to boost posts. It significantly increases the chances of the post appearing on someone’s newsfeed among other crowded posts. In other words, your post will get the big audience it deserves.

Talk More Casually

People feel more comfortable talking casually on Facebook. They would rather not talk to a salesperson trying to pitch his product.

Whoever manages your Facebook page should be able to communicate with the audience in a likable way. They should be granted the freedom to speak in their way, use occasional humor, and market the products more naturally rather than sounding like a formal business official.

Be Consistent with Posts

Social media is accessible to all and this is the reason it brings a lot of competition. If you aren’t consistently posting, your followers will  eventually start seeing other page’s updates leaving yours in the dust.

According to a study, an average Facebook user checks their news feed 25 times a day. Meaning if you are posting regularly then your page is bound to get noticed and you’ll start building up a customer base.

Avoid Text-Only Posts

People are mostly put off by long bodies of texts. Adding elements as images and videos add to your post’s appeal and sparks interest in people.

You could give offers, promote an upcoming sale, post a funny video, or just conduct a survey. If intrigued by your post, a Facebook user clicks on it, it is a +1 point for your business’s publicity.

Use “Facebook Insights” To Gain Insight

Facebook helps you track likes, page views, and more with just a click of a button. Facebook analytics inform you about how your audience is interacting with your business page and what should be improved.

The analytics provide you with a bird’s-eye view of all the activity on your Facebook business page. You can view the data for a specific day or any previous days. This data can help you better understand what is working in favor of your business, what people are more interested in, and how to improve your business’s publicity overtime.


Facebook has grown into a colossal platform over the years and continues to evolve every day. People from around the globe are getting connected in a single place which creates an amazing opportunity for businesses to market more effectively. If done right, Facebook can be an invaluable tool in your arsenal to promote your business.

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