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Are Blue Light Blocking Glasses Worth It?


You may hear people talking about Blue Light Glasses if you spend hours in front of a computer screen every day. These digital screens emit blue light and harm the eyes in different ways. This light has a short wavelength and causes eye strain, blurry vision, and often headaches. However, with the advancement in technology, specialized lenses are available that help blocks this light. Other blue light sources include LED bulbs, television, digital watches, mobile phones, and obviously, The Sun.

The best way to prevent this light from reaching the eye is using blue light glasses. However, many people assume that these are ugly spectacles that make you look like a nerd. It does not have to be the case. Nowadays, many brands offer stylish and chic frames with blue light blocking lenses. These lenses come with an anti-glare coating that reflects the light rays. Consequently, it decreases eye strain and you can work on your computer without any worries.

Lower Your Screen Time With These Glasses

During the coronavirus pandemic, the screen time of most people increased. If you are spending your leisure time at home, there are chances that you are looking at your mobile phone. However, with blue light blocking glasses, you become more aware of your screen time and may take breaks in between. It helps you reduce mindless scrolling all day and reduce eye strain. Besides, these glasses also help you get good sleep at night as they block the blue light. This light disrupts the level of the hormone that controls the sleep cycle. Eventually, you become sleep-deprived and wake up feeling tired and restless.

Limit Blue Light Exposure by Other Ways

You do not need to wear these glasses all the time if you do not feel comfortable. Other ways can assist in reducing exposure to this light. A way to reduce blue light emission is by lowering the brightness of the mobile or computer screen. Also, this helps reduce eye strain and puts the mind in a relaxed mode. Moreover, the light bulbs in houses and offices are also a source of this harmful light. An alternative approach is to use anti-blue light bulbs. Also, you can dim the lights during the day to limit exposure.

Benefits of Blue Light Blocking Glasses

The light filtering technology of blue light glasses helps in several ways. These glasses also come with lenses that prevent glare on the eyes. The bright glare from shiny and reflective surfaces causes headaches and becomes annoying. However, these glasses block the blue light and this sharp glare to keep the eyes safe and healthy. You can also wear these glasses without any prescription to save the eyes from the detrimental effects of blue light. Some of the benefits of these innovative glasses include:

Prevent Severe Diseases

Blue light is a source of Age-Related Macular Degeneration (AMD). This disease can lead to permanent blindness if avoided for too long. So, blue-light-blocking glasses help prevent this light from causing severe eye diseases.

Improve Sleep Pattern

The high-energy blue light waves disrupt the levels of melanin in the body. This hormone is essential in maintaining the sleep cycle and a night of sound sleep. However, the blue light causes melanin imbalance and many people find it difficult to fall asleep at night. Blue light blocking glasses can prevent this light from disrupting the hormone levels. Also, wearing these glasses while using your mobile phone makes you more aware of your screen time.

Relieve Discomfort in the Eyes

Many people who work on their computers and laptops suffer from Computer vision syndrome. This condition occurs when the eyes go under stress from using devices excessively. Blue light glasses prevent this condition by blocking the harmful light before it reaches the eye.

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