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How do you know what strength reading glasses to buy?

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Reading glasses have become a must for almost everyone above 40 and if you are above 40 too, here is how you can know the power of reading glasses that will benefit you!

Why do you need reading glasses?

If this is your first time looking for reading glasses, this may be your first question. Most people require readers after the age of 40 due to a condition called presbyopia. Presbyopia makes your eye lens less flexible, making it difficult for you to focus! You may have presbyopia and need reading glasses if…

  • going through the daily newspaper has you squinting and reading.
  • you can’t make out the tiny recipe names on restaurant menus.
  • you are unable to read a book if it’s closer than an arm’s length from your eye.
  • reading anything in tiny font size has suddenly become your worst’s nightmare.

Now, imagine how you would feel if these struggles were no longer yours. You would be relieved, wouldn’t you?

That’s what reading glasses do. They make it easy for your eyes to focus on objects close to your eyes and help you see the same as you did about ten years ago.

And if you already know you need reader glasses, here are some ways you can know the strength of your reading glasses.

  1. Get an eye test

This may sound obvious, but this is the option for you if you need a pair of reading glasses perfect for you. Getting an eye test from an optometrist means that you don’t have to worry about the large powers or whether or not your glasses correct astigmatism! Eye tests also ensure that you know whether you have presbyopia. 

Living somewhere near Manchester? Visit the Specscart stores in Manchester and be assured of getting the best of services and products! (We have temporarily closed our stores due to the pandemic but once we are open, you can be assured that we will be going the extra mile to keep you safe.)

  • Use a diopter reading card available online

If you don’t want to go to an optician and want to know your power on your own, you can use one of the many reading test cards available online. Most of these reading charts can be printed at home and used to know the strength of reading glasses. A few things you should remember if you’re using a reading chart to know your power:

  • Print the paper in the size specified. If the print is larger than specified, you’re going to end up getting reading glasses that are of no use.
  • Use it at the correct distance from your eyes. Most reading charts are to be kept at a distance of 14 inches.
  • You should do the test with no glasses on. 

Once you have gotten the above things right, you are ready to test yourself. You can start reading from the top line and keep going until you find the line you can read. You can see the adjoining power to know what strength your reading glasses will be. Alternatively, you can also use the test card for your right eye followed by the left in case you feel that both eyes have different powers.

  • Consult an optician online

Do you hate going to the optician at this time but you also can’t do the test all by yourself? You can try a virtual consultation with opticians. This is not available everywhere but Specscart, a Manchester-based eyewear startup has rolled out these services for customers. If you think you want to get on a call with an optician or see them virtually, you can shoot an email to

We hope this helps in knowing the strength of reading glasses you need to buy. If you know the strength, how about looking at Specscart’s premium collection of designers frames for glasses.  You can also find blue light glasses, prescription sunglasses and multifocals on Specscart

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