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Are Blue Light Glasses Beneficial for Kids?

Blue Light

Using screens in our daily lives puts our children’s eyes to the test—blue light damages vision, especially in children whose eyes are far more permeable to harmful wavelengths. Light is necessary for survival, yet the invasion of screens and their blue light can irritate our children’s eyes. The most effective and cost-effective solution is blue light glasses with or without prescription.

Numerous studies have found that our eyes’ natural filters are insufficient to shield us from the blue light emitted by the proliferation of screens. In addition, in youngsters aged 6 to 10, the crystalline (eye lens) is translucent. It does not block the sun’s blue light or ultraviolet (UV) rays. 

Why should children be protected from blue light?

Children’s lenses do not fully play their duty as filters until they reach age 10, allowing blue-violet light to flow through to the retina. Kids spend much time outdoors and are more exposed to the sun.

Nowadays, even kids’ daily life can be filled with many devices, including smartphones, tablets, computers, and televisions. Whether they are used for a kid’s education or entertainment, they should keep their screen time to a minimum. 

Overexposure can cause eye fatigue, headaches, and irritation. It can raise the risk of myopia and AMD over time due to retinal and lens deterioration. Furthermore, this prolonged exposure to blue light disrupts sleep, particularly in the evening. Indeed, it suppresses the generation of melatonin, a sleep-promoting hormone. 

What Blue Light Glasses can my Kids Wear?

Blue Light

Blue light blocking glasses filter the light emitted by displays, decreasing the impact on children’s eyes and removing a significant portion of the blue light. As a result, using spectacles for children is unquestionably advantageous. Of course, parents and instructors must play a role in their children’s education by informing them about the dangers. Meanwhile, a few basic guidelines besides wearing blue light glasses can be followed daily.

Whether your kids need a prescription, they can benefit from quality glasses in any style and colour they love. Make sure the glasses have a comfortable fit and are used when your kids use digital screens. They may also keep the glasses on all day if they want to. Taking regular breaks from screens should be done using a screen, even for adults. Kids should keep a safe distance from screens to not encounter eye discomfort but also incorrect posture. 

We also recommend using the night mode on smartphones to reduce the intensity of the light. The zFORT® blue light blocking glasses from SmartBuyGlasses is a great way to start finding everyday eyewear to protect your vision. 

Help Your Kid See Better

Blue Light

Limiting screen time is the most effective way to reduce visible eye strain and the risk of developing myopia. But when you can’t do so, as they may be using screens at school, glasses can help reduce discomfort. 

You can also consult your opticians to find the best eye solution for your kid to have the best visual experience.

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