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Top 4 Different Types of Globe Valves


A globe valve is different from a regular ball valve and features the flow of water through valves in a linear motion. These are mainly used for industrial purposes and in large water distribution centres. It allows you to quickly start, stop or regulate the flow of water or any fluids without much hassle. 

They are used mainly for isolating and throttling the flow of water or any fluids through a large stream of pipelines. These are a perfect fit for turbine seals, cooling systems, fuel systems, and feeding and extractions systems and ensure a regulated streamlined flow of fluid substance. 

It has two primary components including a movable plug or a disc element to control the flow, and a non-detachable stationary ring seat that looks like a spherical structure. Are you looking for a leading manufacturer of high-quality, strong, and durable globe valves? Check out the Globe valve especially manufactured for industrial purposes to serve various market demands. Request a quote now and select from cost-effective user-friendly globe valves available across multiple markets around the world. 

Further in this article, you will get insights into the different types of globe valves used for different industrial purposes. 

Significant features of globe valves 

  • They are usually known for strong shut-off capability and durable and tight sealing. This ensures they can hold high pressure and you can start, stop and regulate the flow at your convenience. 
  • These are specially manufactured for a large stream of pipelines for industrial purpose hence, they are durable enough and lasts for a long time. 
  • These are available in several designs to serve various market demands. Some companies even provide customizable options for personalized designs of pipelines. 
  • They ensure efficient streamlined liner motion functionality for the consistent flow of fluid substance. 

Different types of globe valves 

  1. Straight-Pattern Globe Valves  

These are pressure-resistant valves that are made of high-quality metal materials. This type of globe valve is exclusively designed with the right amount of tightness between the disc element and the valve seat to regulate the flow of any fluids comfortably. 

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The application of these valves is widely used in thermal plants, minerals production facilities, photochemical factories, and other pipeline industries. They can hold high-pressure flow ensuring consistent performance without any risk of spills or cracks. These linear motion valves ensure an accurate amount of flow of materials because of the straight-pattern design. 


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  1. Angle Globe Valves 

These are exclusively designed by reshaping the basic straight-pattern globe valve where the two ends are at an angle of 90 degrees. The curved design allows you to change the direction of the flow of materials through pipelines. It ensures streamlined regulated flow without affecting the performance. 

It allows a lesser pressure drop due to the curve design. It is ideal for the flow of water or air through a narrow stream of pipelines. These are also suitable for industries where the throbbing flow of materials is regulated through pipelines. It provides optimum slugging effect capability and lowers CV value. 

  1. Bellows-Sealed Globe Valves 

These are high-integrity globe valves that are specifically designed to regulate high-temperature corrosive chemicals which are hazardous. These are manufactured with high-quality, multi-ply, flexible metallic bellows that prevent safe transportation of chemicals without exposure to the atmosphere. 

The valve’s stem and the bonnet are properly welded and sealed so that there is no risk of leakage or spillage in the joints and save time on regular maintenance. These valves are specially used to avoid any potential leakage and provide optimum sealing while flowing chemicals and other fluids. 

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  1. Y-Pattern Globe Valves 

This is the last type of globe valve. These are also highly durable and ensure high performance installed with a bolted-bonnet design that saves expenses on regular maintenance. They ensure low-pressure drop as compared to the straight-pattern valve. 

This valve features a 45 degrees stem that minimizes stemware and the risk of galling. They are used in almost every type of industry starting from chemical, oil, power station, thermal plants, and several others. 

They increase productivity by ensuring low friction while flowing all kinds of fluids which reduces torque and maintenance. It provides innovative and advanced ways to cater to market demands. 

The Bottom-line 

Globe valves are widely used in different industries to transport and regulate the flow of fluids and other substances in a linear motion. There are different types of globe valves used for different purposes to meet the needs of the market through innovative ways. 

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