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Are You Looking for the Perfect Gift for the Man Who Has Everything?


If you’re looking for the perfect gift, then don’t give them a repeat. Surprise your significant other with something new and exciting this year! The secret to buying unique gifts for men can be summed up into two factors: analyzing their personality and choosing something out of the box. Put these two together, and you’ll come up with lots of ideas – from something practical to something more personal, like an inside joke you both enjoy.

To give you more ideas, here’s a list of cool and quirky novelty gift items for every personality – and every occasion.

For the Music Lover

Some people listen to music casually, but others spend hours curating playlists and even make music themselves. If your man is one of them, you can give them a gift that supports their passion.

A wireless earphone with touch controls and a rechargeable case is a perfect addition to their array of gadgets. This way, he can have a premium listening experience no matter where he goes.

For the Foodie

For the food and drinks connoisseur, the perfect gift might be to take them out for lunch at your locality’s best family-owned restaurant or bar. While you’re at it, you give him a unique keyring bottle opener to always bring on his frequent restaurant hopping.

Self-proclaimed “foodies” often cook and experiment with their meals at home, too. More handsomely enamelled pots and pans have a place in their kitchen for sure!

For the Executive

The busy professional among anybody’s friend group or family is the one who appreciates more practical gifts. These men like smart and ingeniously designed items to help them with their everyday hustle.

In today’s fast-paced work environments, you give them the gift of convenience with unique and valuable gifts, such as a multipurpose lap desk perfect for work, study, travel, eating, and more.

You can’t go wrong with giving a mug as well, as long as it has a witty remark printed on it!

For the Fanboy

Whether he’s a Potterhead, a Thronie, a Whovian, or a Tolkienite, these men will appreciate any merchandise from his fandom – or fandoms!

In this area, it’s unlikely that there’s “a man who has everything” because someone can never have too much in one collection.

There is a myriad of unique gifts for men in this category since these entertainment companies put their characters in just about anything. From posters and puzzles to t-shirts and stickers and mugs – you won’t run out of things to choose from.

For the Fitness Enthusiast

Health and fitness have been on-trend for the past year, and honestly, it should remain that way.

For the guy in your life that’s into fitness, whether he’s just starting, a veteran, or a trainer himself, you can support their noble endeavour with gift items they can bring during their workouts.

You can also gift 10 oz tumbler to keep their drink cold (or hot) for several hours as they go through their daily activities. Hydration is the most essential thing in strenuous activities, and you can show you’re looking out for them with this simple gift.

For the Tech Head

The tech-savvy man in your life most probably already has the latest gadgets and gizmos before anyone else has the chance to know about it. But don’t fret! There are many other gift ideas for these geniuses.

These techie gentlemen will appreciate sleeves and bags for the safekeeping of their gadgets.

You can give them laptop bags in their favourite colour or a padded sleeve for their iPad or Kindle. A bean bag cushion for handhelds is a great idea, too, so that they can use their gizmos at the most comfortable angle.

Gentlemen usually insist that they’re quite happy without any gift, but you can always go the extra mile with these unique gift items. Finding the perfect gift for a birthday, an anniversary, or any other holiday is now something both of you can look forward to.

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