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Hiring an Accountant for Sole Trade

acountant for solo trade

Looking for an Accountant for Sole Trader? Well, it’s a lot different than using an accountancy firm for your company. For starters, there is no office space to rent or employees to hire, so it is imperative that you as the sole trader to run the business out of your home. That being said, there are still some advantages to be had from hiring a sole trader accountant.

Online Bookkeeping

First off, there is the convenience of online bookkeeping. The internet has changed our lives in many ways, and online accounting software is one of those things that can make your life much easier. There are dozens of different online accounting services available, and most of them have free trials. What’s more, if you aren’t sure you want to hire an accountant for your business, you can test their online services and see how they perform. This is the best way to find out if the service is what you need, and the cost to you.

Pricing Structure

The next thing to consider is the pricing structure. Online accountants for business offer pricing that is often more affordable than what traditional accountants charge. While this may seem odd at first, if you have multiple businesses, then it is a good idea to see if you can save. Smaller accounting firms tend to charge lower rates, and while there are exceptions to this rule, it is better to find an online business that gives you a reasonable fee rather than one that is too expensive.


Another advantage of online accounting firms is that many of them offer a free online demo that you can use. The benefits to this demo include an actual look at how the service works and what kind of results you can expect. In some cases, the results will simply be the same as what you would get to pay for the service. However, it is good to see how the service works and what changes can be made.

Comfortable Working

It is also important to check with the accountant on the services they offer. Some solos choose to work exclusively with one company. While this allows them to concentrate on one aspect of the business, others may feel more comfortable working with multiple companies. A sole trader should be comfortable having several accounts and knowing their own tax information. It is also important to know that the accountant will be able to assist with any tax issues that arise, whether you deal with UK tax or your own. This includes information on making deductions and what restrictions apply.

Work Remotely

Your accountant should be willing to work remotely. While many people are fine working from home, others are not so fortunate. If you are going to hire an online accountant, then you should be able to sit down with the person and go over all of the details of the services they provide. If they are unwilling to discuss any details, move on to another one. It is important to know the full extent of the fee or plan that will be provided to you when you hire an online accountant for your business.

Check on the experience of the individual who is working with you. Someone with years of experience will likely do a better job handling your finances than someone who is just getting started. Check their clientele as well. The accountant should only be working with businesses that they have handled in the past. This way, you know that they are experienced in dealing with different kinds of clients and they can keep track of the progress as your business grows.


Finally, find out about the cost and whether you can do it yourself. While the services of an accountant for sole trader can be invaluable, you don’t want to spend too much money. However, it is possible to save money by doing some of the accounting yourself. Look into what books you need to purchase, how much the taxes will cost you, and whether or not there are any discounts available to you for using the services of an accountant for a sole trader.

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