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Attractive gold ring designs

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Accessorizing begins with a beautiful gold ring. No jewelry box can be ever complete without a ring. It is a staple ornament every woman loves to add to her collection. Shopping for online jewellery in India starts with a gold ring. If you are a jewelry admirer who loves to beautify her collection with unique ring designs, here we bring some unconventional designs for you. Unique, offbeat yet attractive these ring designs are sure to add bling to your outfit. 

Here we go…

#1. Knuckle rings: 

Popularly known as “tea rings”, knuckle rings are worn between your finger’s middle joint and nail. These rings are widely popular for their unique construction and style. Taking its cue from the Renaissance era, knuckle rings are an elite accessory. They tend to draw attention to your delicate fingers. A stylistic knuckle ring appears flirty and encapsulates a unique appeal that keeps you going with trends. 

#2. Crisscross rings:

Featuring a crisscross pattern, these rings appear to stand out on bare hands. They seem to form a stacking design that provides good coverage to your finger. Minimalist and gorgeous, these rings are more than enough to enhance your out style quotient. A crisscross ring featuring a subtle combination of metals such as white and yellow gold is more happening than you can think of. 

#3. Colored enameled rings:  

Want to drape your finger in vivid and bright hues? Explore the beautiful collection of enameled rings. These are one-of-a-kind rings featuring playful shades to add a pinch of color to your look. The stunning Jadau and Meenakari collections are known to produce colorful ornaments. Especially, rings are incredibly sought-after from these assortments. The enameled rings are statement pieces that can beautify any colored ensembles in a matter of minutes. 

#4. Wrap rings: 

These rings resemble a coil with two ends. As their name suggests, wrap rings wrap firmly around your finger. Unlike, other ring designs these are adjustable. The wrap rings can also be referred to as curved rings or ring guards. Beyond being unique in design, these rings sport distinguished motifs and gemstones. They can be worn in different ways. For example, you can layer them on top of one another to create a twisted look rather than simply stacked them. 

#5. Zodiac rings: 

If you hard core Zodiac believer, you probably need this ring. Embedding gemstone based on your zodiac, these rings are believed to bring positive changes in your life. They help you excel in your business, studies, or career. Moreover, the zodiac ring also makes a piece of ideal jewellery for gifting. Depending on the receiver’s Zodiac, you can gift him/her a Zodiac ring. Since Zodiac is something that stays the same throughout your life, it will make sense to wear it every day and on all occasions. 

Having a gold ring is a great investment. These minimalistic accessories take your everyday look to next level. So go ahead, stop thinking too much and add them to your jewelry box!

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