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Basic Etiquette That Will Make Your PG Life in Hyderabad a Lot More Comfortable

When you move out of your parents’ home for the first time, independence is what you crave. After all it’s your first time living on your own and having no one to answer to. And in a city as vibrant and evolving as Hyderabad, there’s lots you want to explore. But balancing all the exciting things you want to do while also being responsible for all the household management can be a bit too much. That’s why most students and young professionals like you opt to choose a hostel or PG in Hyderabad over a rented flat. Here, you can enjoy the best of both worlds in terms of comfort and independence.

But living in a shared accommodation comes with its own sets of rules and regulations. Luckily, once you’ve got your head around them, it’s all smooth sailing. So, if you’re about to embark on your PG journey in Hyderabad, we’ve got some tips on basic etiquette that will help you settle down and get comfortable in no time. Let’s take a look.

Be mindful towards others

The first thing you know about living in a PG or a hostel is that you’re going to be sharing your space with others. Even if you have a single room to yourself, you’ll have to meet and interact with your co-residents during meals, in the common rooms, washrooms etc. And it’s very important to be respectful and mindful towards those who you live with. If you don’t want others rifling through your belongings, make sure you ask for permission before doing the same to your neighbour or roommates. And leave common areas tidy after use so that you don’t inconvenience anyone else. A good rule of thumb when it comes to common spaces is to leave everything the way you found it, whether it’s in the washroom, the dining hall or the entertainment area. Keeping this basic etiquette in mind will make your time in the hostel a lot more comfortable.

Keep your belongings safe

When you’re living in a hostel or a PG in Hyderabad, you’ll definitely have a wardrobe or some storage place in which to keep your belongings and valuables safely. But in order to prevent any damage or theft, it’s important to keep your cupboard locked at all times. Remember that now that you live on your own, it’s your responsibility to keep your things safe. Therefore, ensure that you take adequate precaution to prevent any problems. In the case of any loss or theft, make sure you report it to your warden using official channels and don’t start pointing fingers at the maintenance staff or your roommates without any proof as this can lead to a lot of resentment and trouble.

Limit your washroom time

Say you’ve had a long day at college or work. The one thing you want to do is come back to your PG and have a long and leisurely shower to wash away the day’s problems. But if you spend an hour using the hot water in the washroom, you might end up inconveniencing your co-residents or roommates. Remember that the shared washroom is not your personal spa, especially during morning rush hours. If you do need to spend a longer time on yourself, try and schedule your washroom slot after your roommates or at a less busy point in the day so that no one else faces any issues.

Be familiar with the rulebook

The last basic expectation you need to follow before you move into a ladies hostel in Kukatpally is to familiarise yourself with the rules and regulations. Every hostel and PG has some basic rules in terms of curfews, visitor policies, meal timings, or the kind of appliances you can keep in your room. If you’re found to be flouting these norms, there are a number of consequences you could end up facing. Don’t put yourself in that position at all and proactively go over the rulebook of your hostel or ask your warden for the dos and don’ts. You’ll be really grateful when this simple step allows you to avoid many unpleasant incidents in your time in shared housing.

And there you have it. These basic etiquette tips will help you have a peaceful and comfortable time in your hostel in Hyderabad. Go ahead and put them into practice. Your roommates and co-residents will definitely appreciate it and you’ll be a lot happier too.

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