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Benefits of Embedding Instagram Feed on Squarespace Website

Instagram witnessed a tremendous boost in its popularity in recent years. It started as a mere photo-sharing app. With 1.074 billion users worldwide, it stands as one of the most influencing social media platforms. You can blame it on the internet or sudden shift towards digitalization if you want, but we have to admit that the website has some charm.

And due to the same shift towards digitalization, businesses are now actively establishing their online presence. Squarespace is a fantastic website-building platform that is helping businesses to develop their presence online.

While businesses are eager to attract visitors to their website, they are actively opting for the strategy to embed Instagram feed on the Squarespace website. It helps businesses add an appeal to their website. Because of such fierce competition, it is crucial to have an attractive website that draws more consumers to the website and eventually helps them achieve business goals.

So if you haven’t yet opted for embedding Instagram feed on your Squarespace website or are still perplexed about using it, then here are some major benefits of this strategy that might convince you to apply it.

Embedding Instagram Feed on Squarespace website: Advantages

A good-looking website often contains visual-based content that makes the website lively, and it eventually helps attract potential customers to the website. Many might argue that one can add images and video on the website, but it might decrease its speed. And as embedding Instagram feeds plays the videos and visual-based content, it is less likely to affect the website’s speed. Along with this, it has the following benefits:

1.   Increases the appeal of your website

When we talk about increasing the website’s appeal, what can be better than visual-based content? Visual-based content has always been one of the key weapons for marketers to spread their message and impact the viewers.

Images, videos and other visual contents provide great freedom to express themselves easily, and as mostly these content have vibrancy and liveliness, it stays fresh in the mind of the visitors, hence creating a significant impact.

Instagram users are known for providing engaging and colorful content on the platform, and you can utilize these posts and content for your website by embedding them on your website.

The colorful and lively content adds a great appeal to the website and makes it pleasing to the eyes.

2.   Keeps visitors engaged

Instagram provides regular updates and features that allows users to post various content and showcase their creativity. Instagram users can add images, upload long videos using IGTV, short videos, bite-sized videos using Reels, and more as we talk about features.

Such variation of the content keeps the viewers hooked for a long time; therefore, by adding them on the website, you can increase the visitor engagement of your website. For example, you can collect the feeds using desired hashtags and embed the Instagram feed on the Squarespace website. Or you can even choose your Instagram handle as the source and showcase all the posts.

So, by embedding the posts from your own business handle, you can engage the user and at the same time educate visitors about your products and brand.

3.   Provides a sneak into Instagram presence

In today’s world, social media is playing an essential role for the business, on the one hand, it helps them to capture more audiences and at the same time also determines the quality and reputation of the brand.

The brand with more followers on the platform is often considered a good quality and well-reputed brand. Therefore more people must get to know about your social media presence. So when you opt to embed Instagram posts from your Instagram handle, you also provide a sneak peek into your Instagram presence to your visitors. So if they like your content, they even have the option to follow you there.

Also, another hidden advantage is that people get to know your official handle. There can be a case that other Instagram handles with a similar name to yours might be providing some misleading or foul content that can hamper your brand’s reputation. To avoid it, you can provide a sneak peek into how your official people can identify your original account.

4.   Provides a boost to user-generated content related to your business

People often use Instagram to post content related to a particular business, this is known as UGC for a brand. UGC helps businesses to attain more reach and gather more audience. And hence it stands as a key weapon, and thus businesses need different strategies. So when you display content related to your business that your consumer posts, it will encourage other consumers to post content for you, eventually boosting UGC for your brand.

5.   Increases website traffic

Once you have a website, your priority would be to gather as much traffic as possible because it increases brand recognition. It also helps to get a better search engine ranking. How does a better search engine ranking help? So, whenever someone searches for anything related to your business, your website will be suggested to the user due to better search engine ranking. And this is where this embedding strategy plays a vital role. By embedding an Instagram feed on the Squarespace website, you have an engaging website that enhances the browsing experience, helps attract more people, and eventually increases website traffic.

Summing it up

Instagram is an influential social media platform that provides great help to businesses in attaining more audience. You can use the platform to a great benefit by embedding Instagram feeds on your website. So, go ahead, start embedding the feed and enjoy the tremendous benefits it offers.

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