What is Feature-Driven Development?

Feature driven development or FDD is a type of trial-and-error agile software Driven Development model. Specifically, FDD works to organize a workflow based on the features that must be developed next.

FDD is considered customer-centric and incremental. The goal is to deliver tangible software results efficiently and frequently. In Agile, FDD encourages ongoing status reporting at every level, helping to track overall progress and results.

History of FDD

FDD was first used in 1997 for a Singapore bank project. Peter Coad, Jeff De Luca, and several others developed and refined the process.

Originally, the project took about 15 months and involved 50 people.

Since that point, FDD has become a practical approach for complex, longer-term projects seeking a comprehensive and simple methodology.

Even though Scrum and other Agile variations are more recognized, FDD is a smart option for agile software development teams who want a focused and structured methodology. It’s also possible to scale FDD across your organization and achieve clear outcomes.

Stages of FDD

FDD’s best practices involve five stages. They include:

  1. Develop the model
  2. Build the feature list
  3. Plan by feature
  4. Design by feature
  5. Build by feature

For most businesses with large-scale projects, this five-step process makes the entire methodology easy and efficient to implement.

Pros and Cons of FDD

To better understand if FFD is right for your needs, it’s a good idea to learn more about its pros and cons. The strengths or pros of FDD include:

  • Ability to leverage pre-defined Driven Development standards helping teams move faster
  • Helps larger teams move products forward with ongoing success
  • Easy five-step process ensures rapid development

While the strengths are appealing, there are some potential drawbacks to understand fully. These include:

  • Dependent on programmers and lead developers
  • Minimal written documentation, which may cause confusion
  • Not efficient for smaller projects

With these drawbacks, it’s clear that FDD may not be ideal for all projects and that Scrum may be a more suitable choice.

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Is Feature Driven Development the Right Option for Your Business?

If you are working on a large software project or work for a large corporation, FDD may be the smart choice.

However, the method relies on chief developers and utilizes a top-down decision-making process. This is opposed to other agile frameworks, like XP, which are based on collective project ownership.

If the described methodology works for your business, then looking into FDD is a smart option.

Is FDD Right for You?

Is FDD the right option for your business? To know the answer to this question, it is best to review the information here.

While FDD has multiple benefits, it doesn’t mean it’s the right option for all businesses. Be sure to consider the process and pros and cons carefully to know for sure if it is right for you.

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