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Best 3 Crypto Exchange and Trading Platforms


Are you looking for a way to start your cryptocurrency trading journey? If you are new to the world of digital finance and is looking for ways to start investing in crypto trades, one of the first things you need to clear out on the list of things that you need to do is to look for a trustworthy, user-friendly, as well as legit exchange and trading platform. This step is very crucial to the success of your investment. 

Getting to the right crypto exchange and trade platform for you will assure you of the safety of your investment money as well as your profit. If you get to the mix of fraudulent crypto exchange and trading platforms, though, be ready to lose your hard-earned money in a wink of an eye. This is why you should pay extra attention to the platform you are registering in because you are risking your money in an already risky and fluctuating crypto industry. 

Don’t worry. You are just on the right track, for this article will introduce you to one of the three top-performing crypto exchange and trade platforms of 2021. 

  1. Coinbase
  2. Yuan Pay Group
  3. Kraken

By the end of this article, you will get to know three trustworthy, user-friendly, as well as legit platforms. So be sure to read on until the end! Let’s start!

Let us first go through the first one, Coinbase. 

1. Coinbase

Coinbase is a top-performing site and is one of the most trusted crypto platforms to ever exist in the market. However, at the start, it was just for the purpose of the users to make international payouts as well as digital trade currencies around the globe. Basically, it is just a digital wallet to keep your digital money in.

Then the Bitcoin code happened. Coinbase emerged in 2012, a few years after launching the top cryptocurrency – Bitcoin. Now, Coinbase is a platform for crypto traders to have the essential tools for trading and exchanging various types of digital coins such as  Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple and many other altcoins. 

From the start, Coinbase has continually gained popularity as cryptocurrency gains more and more popularity. Currently, the platform has attracted global investors, including USV and DFJ, as well as a large number of users. 

Also, Coinbase is affiliated with GDAX, a trading platform that enables users to buy and sell digital currencies. GDAX is a USA-based platform mainly used for trading software and tools, crypto exchanges, and trading as well. 

Let’s dive into the second platform on our list, which is the Yuan Trading Pay Group. 

2. Yuan Pay Group

Yuan Pay Group is one of the crypto trading platforms of 2021 that makes the most out of the leading technology available in the digital finance’s exchange and trading industry, including Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. This top-tier technology at the beck of Yuan Pay Group is used to ensure its users of the best profit possible. This is possible because the technology is made to ensure that users will enter trade positions that are the best possible option based on the currency market situation. This process is all based on market and trend analysis 

Compared to other platforms, Yuan Pay Group history may have been a bit shorter; however, it has already gained its reputation for being a successful trading platform. Yuan Pay Group has great features, which include:

  1. Great Payout System – It has a payout system wherein the users can immediately cash out right after a trading profit and execute another trade right after the other with ease.
  2. Safety Verification System – It has its users assured of their investment safety via maintaining a safety protocol – multiple verification systems – that lock out unauthorised users from accessing the platform. 
  3. Increased Profitability – The crypto market that we all know is of high risk due to its fluctuating nature. However, users of the Yuan Pay Group claim to have thriving results of their investment by making the most out of the crypto they have when its prices fluctuate. 

And last but not least, on the list of our best crypto trading platforms is Kraken. 

3. Kraken

Kraken is a US-based company. Despite this, Kraken is considered to be the most prominent global platform in crypto finance when we base the ranks on high liquidity. Well, in digital currency, liquidity is vital for profit. The higher the liquidity is, the higher the profit which is why most crypto enthusiasts look for higher liquidity when it comes to their crypto investment. However, liquidity in the crypto market is also fluctuating, just like the crypto market prices. But despite all these, Kraken makes sure to let its users enjoy the highest liquidity available in the current market condition, and this is what Kraken is known for.

Another feature that Kraken made a name for itself is that cryptocurrency is not just the only currency that could be exchanged and be traded on the platform. Users can also trade their digital coins for fiat currency such as Euro, Yen, or the Britain pound.

Despite the highly competitive crypto market, Kraken has been maintaining its good performance well over the years. It has also achieved one of the best milestones a crypto platform could achieve, which is being the first crypto platform on the Bloomberg terminal in terms of price posted and the overall trading volume. 

In addition, its user-friendly features have attracted a wide range of users globally, most especially novice traders. For the better profit of its users, the platform provides its users with necessary tools convenient for traders to analyse and keep their minds on the profitable trade positions in the market. 

Another crucial thing that you need to realise before entering any crypto exchange and trade platform is that the crypto market is full of risks, well it is an investment, and any investment has its risks it carries. You take risks to profit. The higher the profit you want, the higher the risks. This is why most financial experts will advise beginners to not invest the amount of money that they are not willing to lose. techniques

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