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Why Black Is The Most Fashionable Color


“Black never goes out of style.” You’ve probably heard this a thousand times, and there’s a reason for it! Black is indeed a unique color that’s pretty much always appropriate and the best choice when in doubt or when the dreadful thought of “I have nothing to wear” sneaks up.

This color also has a long history in fashion and tradition and was given various meanings and connotations, from black monk robes and funeral attire to gang colors to the irreplaceable black crew neck.

It can symbolize so much, but one thing is clear that it really is the most fashionable color out there.

Let’s take a closer look.

From Romans to Royals

In ancient Rome and Greece, black garments symbolized grief, but later they became a symbol of status and fashion sense.

It seems that fashion had always been loved all the way from the Renaissance in Italy when royalty started wearing exclusively clothing from gowns to black accessories. 

In the 16th century, the same trends became popular in Spain and quickly spread through Europe, and we can see that in various paining as well as historical records.

Little Black Dress 

It took until the early 20th century for affluent ladies to start reclaiming as the “it” color. They took their inspiration from “shopgirls” – young girls who worked at stores – and their light, fun dresses. It’s no wonder as rich women at the time were wearing and were tired of their heavy, restricting clothing. 

And then there was madame Coco Chanel who created the little dress. This simple yet revolutionary garment soon was actively promoted in movies and fashion magazines and became an ultimate must-have. 

Why do people love black clothes?

So, why do we love clothes so much? First of all, let’s address the fact that looks good on anyone no matter their size or shape. 

It’s also extremely easy to style, and a simple black suit or even just jeans and a pullover hoodie can make you look classy and empowered! An all-black outfit also makes an effortless statement yet doesn’t overshadow the person wearing it. 

A sign of power

Now let’s get to the meanings and connotations. Black is definitely a color that represents power and strength, and who doesn’t want that? 

It’s also very versatile, though, and depending on the situation, it can symbolize solemn demeanor, respect or make a statement, highlight self-esteem and signal confidence. 

In any case, it’s always chic, sophisticated, and elegant

A timeless, comforting treasure 

Another reason people never get tired is that it never goes out of style, is very comfortable, highlights what needs to be highlighted, and hides what needs not to be seen. True comfort for anyone! 

Let’s not forget that is everyone’s favorite because it matches everything and goes with pretty much any color, including! It can elevate an outfit or tone it down just as easily. 

It also looks great in any fabric, from cotton to linen to wool to luxurious satin or silk. Black works for any occasion, be it casual or glamorous, and hey, the tie dress code is called tie for a reason. 

More reasons to love black color

  • Helpful if you want to look more mature
  • Let’s you forget the worries about matching
  • Works great with any skin tone
  • It can be easily accessorized 
  • Works for every season
  • Great for any body type and shape
  • It’s luxurious yet unseaming
  • Makes you look put-together
  • Is beloved by celebrities
  • Never goes out of fashion

These are the main reasons why people love colored clothing. Do you own many pieces in your wardrobe?

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