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How to Dress in Winter: Fashion Tips for Women


Thanks to online shopping, the fashion market is expected to recoup from losses due to the pandemic. In fact, experts suggest the industry will grow by 6.7% or $38.21 billion by 2023. Manufacturers are ready to meet the demand for bold new designs and purchase options.

Fashion trends are constantly changing, and unless you have your finger on the pulse of the style world, it’s easy to miss what is still in vogue.

If you feel lost on how to dress in winter, we have you covered. Keep reading to learn how to prep your winter wardrobe for the 2021 season.

Layers Upon Layers Upon Layers

Layering clothes is back in fashion this winter, but it’s not as easy as it looks. It’s more than just piling on clothes. To put together a stylish layered outfit that is as trendy as it is functional, consider these winter fashion tips.

You’ll want to start with thinner layers like a t-shirt, button-down, or a blouse. It should be made of a light fabric because, even though it’s winter, you don’t want to bundle up too much. You could also go in a dress and tights.

The next layers will be more suitable for chilly weather, like a knit cardigan, shawl, or lightweight jacket. Add accessories like a knit beanie, an oversized scarf, mittens, and leg warmers. Don’t be afraid to mix and match colors and patterns, or go with the ever-popular camel color coat.


First, it was cottagecore, then fairycore, goblincore, and even grandmacore; now, it’s cabincore. Cabincore describes an aesthetic style that idealizes taking a break from modern, corporate life. It romanticizes the idea of cozy hideaways in remote locations, getting out into nature, and reconnecting.

Along with this idea, of course, comes sweeping fashion trends. Cabincore fashion is what you might expect it to be. It promotes coziness in all its forms, especially clothes.

Warm sweaters in natural colors like brown, auburn, forest green, orange, and yellow ochre are a staple. Next up are classic plaid flannel button-downs. Add corduroy pants, a thick coat, ankle boots, and knit accessories to pull it all together.

Puffer Coats

Puffer coats seem to go in and out of fashion every few years. The winter fashion forecast calls for these again. However, this time, the color palettes are much calmer.

The puffer coats to go for are in colors like off-white, beige, brown, plum, gray, and black. Pair your puffer with statement boots, slacks, and a basic top. Visit Gardina for luxury, unique clothing, and to keep up with winter fashion advice.

Sweaters, Cardigans, and Vests

Summer and fall fashion trends made loungewear like sweatpants and hoodies into everyday attire. The comfy casual look lives on in this winter fashion season. However, instead of cotton blends, you’ll be seeing a lot more knitwear.

The trend specifically is elegant knitwear. Sweaters, cardigans, and vests made from wool and cashmere are prevalent across all ages and genders. The best part is you can dress up or dress down and always feel comfortable.

Platforms and Chunky Boots

One of the biggest shoe trends this winter is platforms. They seem to be replacing high heels, at least for now. In addition, chunky boots and loafers are entering the scene.
 These shoes blend well with other outfits and dress in winter, like knitwear and cabincore fashion.

Making How to Dress in Winter Simple

With our tips, you can learn how to dress in winter and keep up with all of the latest trends. This season’s wardrobes are sure to be optimistic, eye-catching, and fun. Need more fashion tips or advice?
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