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What kind of signs are there for real estate agents?


Well, since real estate signs technology seems to be moving at the speed of light these days, we decided to take a fresh look at the humble real estate yard sign.

What kind of remax signs there are on Remax properties. Let’s take a closer look at some of them:

  • A small size type 1 Remax sign. The task is to point to the property, to serve as a landmark, to show where the property for sale is located. The sign informs you that there is a property nearby that you can buy. The material used in the manufacture is coroplast. The price includes the cost of the sleeves. It must be laminated to increase the duration of use. Visit verpelistoday
  • A large vertical sign that reads “House for Sale”. Contains information about a specific property. Implies brief description of the property and contacts of realtors. It is used for urgent sale of a house. The material from which the sign is made is also coroplast. Price includes the cost of sleeves. Laminating is mandatory if you want to use it for a long time.
  • Remax for sale sign of large size. Contains information about the property for sale with an indication of its location. Such signs help inform about a particular property. Signs help to attract potential buyers. Material for production is coroplast.
  • Remax type signage that contains direct information about the property for sale. Can be installed on the lawn with H-bolts. Most often contains information that indicates the location of the property contacts realtor. Material is coroplast. It is recommended to be laminated.
  • Sign indicating the property is curly shaped. Mainly used to display contacts of the realtor who is making the sale. Considered to be one of the more conspicuous signs as it is shaped like a pointer. Installed mainly on lawns. The material used for production is coroplast. It is recommended to be laminated.
  • A-shaped frame, which consists of two parts: two coroplast inserts and a metal frame. A distinctive feature is the low weight. The main advantage is the convenience and ease of carrying from one place to another. Installed most often on sidewalks. Have coroplast inserts that can be replaced if necessary. Contains both information about the property for sale and realtor contacts. You can use the sign instead of a pointer to the realtor’s office location. Must be laminated if you want to extend the life of the sign.
  • Alupanel real Remax signs are lightweight. Signs of this type are very easy to move. The material from which it is made is aluminum composite panels. It is installed on sidewalks. Contains information about the property and contacts of realtors. Can be used as a sign for the realtor’s office. Recommended to be laminated.
  • Vehicle Advertising. Remax magnets for Realtors are used for advertising on transport. The main advantage is the ease of attachment to the car body. Contains advertising information. Consisting of: contacts for communication, company logo and a memorable image. Come in different shapes and sizes.
  • Rectangular signs for realtors. The main advantage is the effectiveness when used. Due to the high efficiency of this type of advertising, any potential client will know that a certain property is for sale. Such signs contain a small amount of information, but the text must be written in large letters.
  • Small sized remax real estate signs that represent an invitation. Remove Shoes Signs type signs help attract potential buyers who need the services of a realtor. This type of sign is installed at the front of the house.
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