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Information of Visa for Different Countries

A global visa means you can apply for any country like UK, Canada, Australia, China, etc. So whether you are a student or businessman, you can apply for a for any country if you match their requirements for access.

Role of consultant:

Global consultant plays an essential role in our life because they consult people in which country you have to move and which one is best according to you. Furthermore, consultants guide people better and help the student get admission to the University of their Choice and settle business in a foreign country.

Canadian Visa:

You can apply for a different like a tourist student , and business.

Tourist visa: 

You can apply online or on paper, and you have to submit all of your documents. You have to be in good health, have no criminal record, and have no intention to work in Canada. The cost for this is $100.

Student visa:

Global Visa Consultancy

For a student visa, you have a bachelor’s degree, and then you can apply for further studies in different universities of Canada like the University of Waterloo. The cost for this is $150.

Here are some steps you have to follow if you want to apply to any university in Canada:

  • Apply to any university which you like, and then they will send you an acceptance letter.
  • Then apply for a student visa in Canada and send your acceptance letter.
  • Also, give them proof that you are financially stable, have good health, and have no criminal record.

Business visa:

For a business , first of all, you have to apply for a visitor business , and then you can apply for a permanent residential . The cost for this is $185.

How to apply for an Australian visa?

Global Visa Consultancy 1

You have to decide which kind of you want, like business, visitor, etc.

Here are some steps you have to follow:

  • Make your account on this website ImmiAccount.
  • Complete your form online and submit it.
  • Then also send them documents which are required for your submission like passport, your birth certificate, photographs, etc.
  • After reviewing your documents, you have to pay for your application.
  • Then submission of your documents occurred.
  • After two days, you will receive your allowance notification.

China Visa:

The cost for this is $30 to $90. Here are some categories for china : C, D, F, G, Q2, X1, X2, Z, etc.

  • The c type of visa is for those people and their family members who provide transport services.
  • D type of visa is for those people who want to live in China permanently.
  • F type is for those people who are for visit or study tours.
  • Q2 Visa is for those people who want to visit their family who lives in China.
  • X1 and X2 types for those who wish to study in China for more than 180 days.
  • Z type of visa is for those people who want to work in China.

If you want to apply for any from this list, you have to submit documents according to their demands. If you are eligible and match their requirements, you can move to Canada after completing all of your requirements.

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