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Best Neighborhoods in Raleigh for Young Professionals


Raleigh in North Carolina is rapidly becoming an excellent location for young people to settle down. Raleigh is perfect for the ever-growing population of young professionals in search of adventure and a job hunter’s heaven. The problem is, which is the best neighborhood in the city for young professionals?

Five Points

Five Points is situated northwest of downtown and an urban area with restaurants, local coffee shops, movie theaters, so there are things to do regularly. Among the best communities to live for young people, Five Points has a walk score of seventy-six. 

NC. State

The area is located around North Carolina State University, and the university freshmen are expected to live around the surrounding area and on campus. Part of the neighborhood’s best feature is the Cameroon Village shopping center, where several young people purchase their first outfit for work and get together with their colleagues after work.

Raleigh States

Brier Creek

Brier Creek is the best neighborhood for golfers located between Raleigh and Durham, close to Apex. The development of business in the community has risen over the last thirty years due to the year-round population reaching twenty thousand.

Aside from having an authorized Arnold Palmer-designed golf course, the neighborhood has the advantage of being centrally placed to several activities in the Raleigh region.

North Hills

This is Raleigh’s latest downtown. North Hills consisted of a mall and several average ranch homes in the 1960s, while in recent years, it has been developing and expanding. Many hotels, offices, restaurants, and shops were built in the previous years with several hundreds of new residences.

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Best Time to Visit Raleigh, North Carolina

The perfect period to visit Raleigh is in the spring or fall. Each season is accompanied by beautiful greenery and warm temperatures, be it the colorful and fragrant spring flowers or the beautiful yellows and reds of the fall. During winter, the excitement of college basketball tends to reduce the cold temperature, with the summertime distinguished by humidity.

If you are terrified of the dark or wish to get the most out of your stay in Raleigh, the month of July has the longest hours between sunrise and sunset. On occasion, it rains the most in the month of May, making it the dampest period of the year.

Indoor Things to do in Raleigh NC 

During winter, when the temperature gets low for people, Raleigh has several indoor activities to participate in with family and friends. Below are some of the places to carry out indoor activities and make the most of your time during winter:

  • Marbles Kids Museum

The museum was designed for fun activities, kids to learn while having fun, and hands-on exhibits. Visit the Around Town exposition, where children can study the area via playsets, costumes, props, imagination, and so on. 

  • North Carolina Museum of History

The museum displays the fourteen thousand years of history of North Carolina. You can buy one of the gallery-designed backpacks for younger children, containing activities to assist you in touring the history of our state’s American Indians, the NC. Sports Hall and the Story of NC exhibit.

  • Daniel Dhers Action Sports Complex

The family-friendly sports complex is the biggest action sports center globally for cycling and skating and was established by pro BMX rider Daniel Dhers. The indoor sports center features 17,500 sqft of riding space, where everybody from pros to novices can experience an adrenaline rush. 

Things to do in North Hills Raleigh NC

North Hills is centered at the heart of NC and represents Midtown Raleigh, and it is a few distances away from the RDU international airport. The town boasts a range of magnificent industries like GEM. vehicles, accessibility for public transportation, solar power, integration with greenway trails and parks, and pedestrian-friendly walkways.

Below are a few things to do in North Hills Raleigh, NC:

  • Dine at the North Hills Restaurants: there are several dining styles, price ranges, cuisines, and alternative places to eat. Several of the restaurants are located within a short distance of Renaissance North Hills Hotel.
  • Visit the Midtown Farmers Market: From every Saturday in April to November, there is an active booming farmers market at the center of North Hills Raleigh. Sellers from all over the area set up stalls to sell different locally grown fruits and vegetables.

Catch a Movie at the North Hills Cinema: watch a movie at the North Hills Cinema Stadium 14. The cinema has a relaxing stadium making it the perfect spot for catching up on the latest movie and a vacation.

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