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Take Your Marketing Investment by Using Location Data


Businesses can reach customers at a more detailed, customized level with online or offline messaging based on their actual location with location-based marketing. Marketing teams can use location data to approach customers based on criteria such as proximity to a store, upcoming events in their area, and much more.

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From consumer identification and purchasing to engagement and retention, location data marketing has shown to be beneficial. When done correctly, location-based marketing allows businesses to target specific client categories with personalized offers, while also improving the consumer experience for a generation that values quick gratification. For example, location-based marketing may notify a potential consumer that a product they’ve been considering purchasing is in stock at a nearby store, allowing them to purchase it right away. Marketers can use various kinds of location-based marketing solutions including custom audience geo targeting to reach their customers.

1. Geotargeting

Geotargeting marketing involves determining a user’s location and then sending them customized messages depending on that location. If a customer has given their permission for an app to access their data location, they may receive messages or push notifications based on their location or proximity to a store.

IP addresses are used in geotargeting. Every connected device has its IP address, which allows it to be identified. The IP addresses of devices can then be linked to country, postal code, and other factors to determine where users are based.

2. GeoFencing

The establishment of a boundary within a given region is known as geofencing. When target audiences cross that line, they become a marketing strategy’s active target. This could imply that they receive information, offers, or other forms of communication from the company. An example of a boundary is an area that encompasses a popular shopping center at which the company has a store. The marketing team creates advertisements and content that are specially targeted to the customers within the geofence in a geofencing marketing strategy.

3. Beaconing

Beacons are Bluetooth or WiFi-enabled devices that connect to specified data applications that are within range of the beacon. Beacons are an effective way to reach out to existing clients in a small geographic area. 

Beaconing works by sending a signal to your device, which instructs a server to send information to it. This could be a push alert, an email, or something else. Let’s say a sports stadium encourages fans to download their app for ticketing, concessions, and other services. When a device with the application loaded is in range, the venue would set up beacons to detect it.

4. Mobile Targeting

Marketers use mobile targeting to reach customers with advertisements on their mobile devices. Because most people prefer to avoid data advertisements, marketers strive to make their ads context-specific, which might be based on time, device, or location.

2. 5. Geo-conquesting

Geo-conquesting is the technique of employing location-based advertisements to lure consumers away from competitors. Customers who are visiting — or have visited — a competitor’s business will see these advertisements.

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