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Best Places To Live and Work In The UK


In recent years, there have been many people who are opting to shift and work in the UK. One of the primary reasons for this is the skills shortage in the UK post-Brexit. Considering the migration of skilled workers back to their home countries, the UK is in need of a highly skilled population. It is due to this reason that there are many new reforms announced in the UK to attract overseas talent. 

Most companies also opt for the sponsored licence visa for overseas employees to fill the skills shortage. This visa helps in hiring excellent international talent as per your needs in line with the rules and regulations of the UK Immigration Authorities. It is also necessary to ensure that all the documentation and paperwork are up to order for potential candidates to apply to the UK for work permits and residencies. A well-reputed immigration lawyer can help with the formalities and ensure everything is in order before shifting and starting a new life. 

With all the global movement and shifts after the pandemic, many overseas professionals have concerns regarding the best and most ideal places to live and work in the UK. After all, while London is usually the first option, it’s not the only one. Let us look at a few options.

Amazing Place of UK


Geographically, Birmingham is the centre of England. It is located in the Midlands and is strategically poised as an urban metropolis with an astounding expat population. One of the reasons why Birmingham is booming is the job opportunities, investment and growth scale, and reasonable standard of living. 

Many professionals with families prefer the city of Birmingham as against one as huge as London to save on costs, earn good money, get an excellent education for the children, and find affordable housing. Birmingham’s wages and salary ranges are usually at par with London, making a living here a lucrative option for first-timers to the UK. The nightlife and social scene, entertainment options, transport, and leisure activities also make Birmingham a great choice. 


For decades, Cambridge has been known as an educational hub. However, it is now also known as a career hub. An hour’s train ride north of London, this sprawling metropolis is home to the world-renowned University of Cambridge. Most of the biotech, software, and tech giants are located in the Silicon Fen region. It is also the home of several bioscience companies. Notable amongst these are AstraZeneca, which is responsible for the production of the Covid-19 vaccine saving the lives of millions of people. 

Cambridge is usually known as one of the greenest cities in the UK, with good roads, infrastructure, and natural balance. The job opportunities, education, and career options are several, with many families preferring the Cambridge life to other large cities. 


If a capital is what you would prefer, then look no further than Edinburgh. The cool, maritime climate, diverse, multicultural population, rich history, sightseeing spots, educational institutes, work opportunities, and standard of living make Edinburgh an ideal location to shift from overseas. Edinburgh is popularly known as the cultural heart of Scotland and has plenty to offer newcomers in the way of welcoming new traditions and adapting to languages, customs, and practices. 

One of the many reasons why international professionals prefer Edinburgh to many other cities is the low crime rate. When you are moving to a new country, many want to ensure that the crime rates are low, allowing people to adjust safely. Edinburgh also has an excellent public transport system, good educational institutes, and great career growth opportunities. 


Glasgow is an industrial hub. It perfectly combines industrial and urban landscapes with natural beauty and balance. It is also pretty as a postcard and has maintained its landscaping to fit the vision of a green future. Glasgow is known as a hub for industries like engineering, textiles, chemicals, marine engineering, and shipbuilding.

Besides the career and work opportunities, the Glasgow locals are incredibly welcoming of new people and know to accept new cultures, traditions, and people with open arms. In terms of cost, the standard of living is quite affordable, with economical housing rates that allow many new expats to purchase property within a few years and settle down. The affordable rates, excellent education, promising career and job opportunities, entertainment, social life, and balance in nature make Glasgow a preferred destination for international professionals looking to shift to the UK and start a new life.

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