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Branded and Beautiful: How to Design a Brand T-Shirt That Really Pops


Did you know that consistent branding can boost your revenue by up to 23%? This is a pretty high figure, especially when you consider that it takes 5-7 impressions for a brand to become memorable to consumers.

A great brand T shirt can help you to make the most out of these impressions and get the highest possible profits. Here, we’re going to talk about some of the ways that you can design the best possible garment, so read on for some tips on how to boost your brand.

1. Use Quality Materials

The first step towards great swag is to invest in a custom screen printed t-shirt. It’s durable and inexpensive while still being soft enough to be comfortable.

However, if you want to go the extra mile, tri-blend tees are a great choice. These shirts combine cotton and polyester with soft rayon for maximum comfort.

Regardless of your material choice, Team Concepts Printing will print your design digitally on your branded shirt. This incorporates the design into the fabric of your tee so it doesn’t fade over time.

2. Choose the Right Colors

Choosing the right hues for your brand shirt is essential to creating and fostering the right image. In fact, having consistent brand colors makes you 80% more memorable to potential customers. This is because it produces an identity for your brand and people will think of you when they see the color.

However, it’s critical that you choose the correct hues to represent your brand (and put on the T-shirt). Using color psychology will make people feel exactly as you want them to when they think of your brand. Blue is perfect for those who want to appear calm and knowledgeable while yellow and orange is the right choice for energetic businesses.

3. Include Your Memorable Logo

Golden arches. A single checkmark. A red bulls-eye.

We never said the words ‘McDonald’s,’ ‘Nike,’ or ‘Target,’ but you certainly thought of them, didn’t you? You likely also thought of the experiences that you’ve had with the brand in the past.

Whether you’re a startup or a seasoned business, you likely have a logo that you love. Assuming that it’s up to par, showing it off in multiple locations will ensure that your brand has a chance to make an impression. Since people wear T-shirts everywhere, you’ll basically have memorable walking advertisements in many locations.

4. Keep a Minimalist Aesthetic

All of the most memorable logos are minimalist. This means that they follow the idea that less is more. This is probably because people are more likely to remember simple images.

The same principle applies to your overall shirt. You don’t want there to be too many colors, images, and fonts on it. This will not only stop people from noticing and remembering your important brand information, but it also will clutter up the design.

Don’t use too many lines or any complex images. Your logo and a single-colored bold font will do the trick perfectly. You also should probably only have 2-3 colors on the tee- too many make it difficult on people’s eyes.

5. Don’t Overdo the Information…

Cluttered shirts aren’t visually appealing and will have the opposite effect that you want them to have. Printing information about your business discourages people from paying attention to or reading the shirt. Like cluttered websites, people will be unable to cognitively process a cluttered shirt.

Instead, if you simply put your name and a short slogan, they’re likely to read, process, and Google it. They can then get easy access to all the information that you would have put on the shirt in a more readable format.

Not overdoing information also shows that you’re economical about your use of space and time. It provides viewers with the impression that you’re tasteful and no-nonsense. If you want to look like the type of company that gets things done, this is a must.

6. But Include Relevant Info

There’s a fine line between minimalism and ineffective nothingness. You need to stay far on the ‘less is more’ side of that line to ensure that less doesn’t become… well, less.

There should be some clear, bold text on your shirt. If there isn’t, you have no chance of people immediately associating the logo image on your shirt with your brand.

Make sure that you clearly write your brand name in large lettering. This should be around the same size as your logo or slightly smaller. In a medium-sized text, you can then include a single-sentence slogan or memorable website URL.

Don’t try to put your phone number on a shirt. People aren’t going to remember it and might become frustrated and annoyed by the numbers. Let them Google you and come to this information on your own.

7. Choose Print Locations Wisely

Finally, make sure that you choose the locations of your print wisely when crafting a shirt. You definitely want everything to be centered (asymmetry, while cool in some areas of fashion, isn’t an awesome look for a T-shirt). You also probably want everything on the front of your tee.

If you want to make things smaller rather than having a large, central picture, you can place your logo and brand name in an upper corner of the shirt.

Design an Awesome Brand T Shirt Today

Now that you know how to design a brand T shirt that your prospects will love, it’s time to get started. Check out the ‘business’ tab on our home page for more branding ideas to expand your business.

You can also take a look at the ‘lifestyle’ section of our website to learn more about what modern consumers want to see. You’ll find articles on every subject imaginable, so don’t wait. Start browsing now!

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