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Building the Right Shower Routine with Basic Bathing Accessories


Bathroom is your personal escape where you feel refreshed after a long day, and unwind from your tiredness but many people don’t know what is the right way to take shower. When it’s about discussing something as basic and regular as taking shower, we think we have got everything covered. After all, it is just about running water in the tap and shower and some soap to clean your body. 

However, that’s not the case, while soap & water surely do their thing to clean the body, you still need a lot of other bathing accessories for better cleaning. To build a dedicated body routine, you need some essentials to deeply cleanse the body.

There’s a lot more than just washing and rinsing in the bathroom and by adding some extra effort while taking bath, you can improve the skin’s health, and look clean and glowing. Through this post, we are going to tell you the use of basic bathing essentials and accessories that will make your shower routine worthwhile.

Products to Use in Shower for Healthy and Soft Skin

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Take off the Make-up First 

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The journey to glowing and healthy skin starts with basic cleansing; be it before shower or in the shower. If your night time routine involves hitting the shower before bed, then begin with cleansing the make-up that’s still on your face since morning. The zeal with which we apply make-up before leaving home, the same enthusiasm dies after coming back. Call it laziness or tiredness; we often skip removing make-up and doze off to sleep. When it comes to clean and free skin, getting rid of the make-up products is very important before calling it a day. Especially if you are going to take shower, first remove the make-up using any oil-based cleanser and then wash your face thoroughly in the shower. 

Scrubbing with a Face Mask 

Once the make-up is clear from your face, wash with running water to remove the remaining residue. For better cleaning and unclogging the pores, you can even use a face scrub. Using DIY scrubs helps to control the build-up of sebum that clogs the pores and results in facial acne. You can follow this step in the shower at least once a week and if you have oily skin you can scrub your face 2-3 times a week. This will not only save your time but also give a deeper cleaning to prep your skin well for the beauty routine. 

Use a Dry Brush on your Body 


Taking the proper bath also includes exfoliating the body and feeling rejuvenated. The best time to use a brush on the body for deep cleaning is right before taking shower. Before you grab your bath brush and start using it, it is important to know what exactly dry brushing is. It’s a process of daily body massage with a dry and soft-bristled brush that helps to get rid of flaky skin and makes it feels smooth and supple. To get the best of the brushing experience, prefer using a long-handle body brush

Using Bathing Sponge for Exfoliation 

It is normal for our bodies to develop a dead skin layer on certain parts of our bodies. These layers are mostly visible on the top layer of the body and result in clogging the pores or developing calluses. These dead cells end up making the body rough and brittle and hence that’s why you need to exfoliate every part of the body. The key to exfoliating the body for getting rid of all the dirt is with the help of Bath Sponges. These sponges are helpful to get rid of the dirt on the top layer and make the skin feel fresh and rejuvenated. 

Washing Hair with a Mild Shampoo 

Is your hair turning rough, frizzy, and ends up getting tangled despite washing them on regular basis? If yes then it’s not the products that you are using but the way you wash your hair. The hair washing routine that we have been following for years requires some tweaking so that it does not lead to any kind of hair damage. Always remember, before applying shampoo rinse your hair and then start lathering up the roots. Apply some lather on the scalp to get rid of the dirt piled up. Massage the roots and one of the bathing essentials to use here is Shampoo Hair Comb to render a soothing effect on the hair and also detangle the hair locks. 

Show some love to your body by following these basic steps along with taking better care.

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