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Business Promotion: Effective Strategies You Should Know to Boost Customer Engagement


Business promotion strategies can help you attract new customers, increase sales and ultimately increase your revenue.

A good customer will spend more money with your company. Researchers found a $1 billion company can earn about $700 million more in just a few years with investments in the customer experience. 

Customers are everywhere, but if you can’t grab their attention and hold on to them, it’s lost revenue. And who wants that?

Here are several business promotional ideas that can help you succeed. 

Business Promotion Begins With Research

Researching to learn who your customer is and how to attract more of them is a good first step in how to promote your business. It means figuring out demographics (things like age, gender, income, etc.) and their habits. 

What do your customers want? How can you better serve them? You can either hire a research company to discover those answers or develop a survey.

Make this part of your marketing checklist for small business development, and put it high on your list! 

Know your competition too. Find out about their marketing strategy and the price points of their items. What do their ads and social media platforms look like?

Promotion on Social Media

Using social media platforms for small business promotion can reach targeted and unlimited potential. Keeping posts short and to the point can draw quick attention! 

People love to stop and look at pictures on social media, so post them and update them often! A video or testimonial about why your brand is the best can even help you go viral. 

Creating a discussion about your business can promote what you offer and how it might be beneficial. Think about articles or blogs that direct people back to your website. Getting them to comment creates a two-way dialogue to help you better learn about your customer base.

Free Newsletters

Give your customers free information about your product or service in an email newsletter delivered right to their inbox. Use your newsletter to provide an authoritative voice to your product by using experts and testimonials. 

Make sure your newsletter looks great! Use creative headlines, colorful graphics, and timely information. 

Should customers no longer want to receive the newsletter, be sure there is an unsubscribe option. 

Sponsor a Charitable Event

Becoming the big sponsor for a major charitable race or dinner in your community is great for small business promotion. It shows off your brand in a high-profile way to potentially new clients and customers. 

Handing out promotional materials like hats, t-shirts, mugs, and keychains gets your name out there! Your brand also gets splashed all over advertising for the event, meaning additional free advertising on every platform. 

It also shows your community involvement and commitment to the cause whether it’s children, a women’s shelter, or cancer. 

How to Promote Your Business Doesn’t Have to Be Difficult 

Business promotion using customer research, social media, email newsletters, and charitable sponsorships are all ways to attract new customers and clients. Putting these practices into action creates additional revenue and grows your business!

If you like what you read, be sure to check out our other informative articles on this site! 

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