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Businesses That Thrived In 2020


We all know that 2020 was a rough year for lots of businesses. There are restaurants that were forced to shut down, retailers that were forced to close, and many small business owners had to figure out how to pivot and make money in non-traditional ways. Gyms began offering online fitness classes, and grocery stores offered curbside pickup.

Some businesses have been able to adjust, but there are countless businesses that were forced to shut down. However, there were some companies and organizations that were actually able to grow. One obvious example would be the fact that companies that sold PPE equipment were obviously in high demand, and were able to generate more revenue than ever before.

As we move into 2021, let’s examine some of the sectors and industries that were not only able to survive but actually thrived, in 2020.

Takeout Businesses/ Delivery Startups

There’s one very obvious answer here: food takeout companies absolutely thrived during 2020. The pandemic may have prevented your weekly outing to your favorite restaurant in the city, but it certainly didn’t stop you from ordering food to your home. Many people are also taking up working for these startups for some extra income, as well, which allows them to scale to meet demand.

While many people figured out how to cook new dishes during the pandemic, the truth is that companies like GrubHub, UberEats and Doordash experienced massive growth. In fact, Uber’s food delivery business literally doubled. The good news is that takeout and delivery orders certainly helped many restaurants survive 2020, as well.

At-Home Entertainment

There were many professionals that learned to have more fun at home, rather than get drinks with friends or go on vacation every several months. Many people decided to stream more movies and TV shows, while others were searching to find some of the best live odds at online cazinou. Others may have decided to listen to more podcasts, read more books, or spend more time gardening or reorganizing their home.

Platforms that created original content were definitely taking advantage of the fact that the movie theater experience was not available. Whether you watched Netflix, Hulu, or Disney+  – all of these companies grew significantly in 2020. Netflix, for example, added 16 million global subscribers.

Liquor Stores

What are people going to do when the bars and the nightclubs are all closed? Well, that certainly didn’t stop adults from stocking up their cabinets during their pandemic. Of course, this requires a trip to the local liquor store, and many liquor stores were able to make a lot of money. Since more people began working from home, they also began drinking at home since happy hour with their friends was no longer a viable option.

After all, liquor stores were considered “essential businesses” in almost every state in the United States, which is why they were in a position to grow so much during COVID-19. While it is unclear whether the trend will continue, the truth is that liquor stores experienced undeniable growth during 2020.

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