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How to Create a Business Jingle: A Basic Guide

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Your company’s jingle is its message to the world. It often is the only thing people will remember from your advertisements.

Millennials only pay attention to advertisements for about 5 seconds. This means that the traditional 30-second commercial is history.

Developing a quick and snazzy business jingle could be the difference between reeling in some new customers or getting mercilessly “skipped” by the masses.

The following is a basic guide to help you develop your business jingle. That way, you can have people humming along to your company’s trademark song for years to come.

Catchiness Is Key

Don’t overdo it when it comes to your jingle. Creating a jingle should be all about finding a simple, catchy melody. It doesn’t matter what your lyrics are if your clientele has already tuned your song out.

Don’t get too fancy—find a quick, catchy arrangement of notes that are easy to sing to.

The choice of instruments is up to you, but make sure not to get too complicated with your instrumental arrangements.

Develop Simple Lyrics

A few well-placed verses can ingrain your company’s message into people’s heads. Get your creative staff to produce a few easy verses that rhyme and outline what your company does.

The catchier the better, as people will remember a great line or two mixed in with a bass line that gets stuck in their head. It doesn’t matter whether you are creating a radio jingle or one to be used in your commercials.

Be Unique With Your Business Jingle

The music world is awash in copyright lawsuits. Avoid writing a jingle that sounds even a little similar to another company’s song. The last thing you want is to get served with a lawsuit after your jingle gains some popularity.

Besides, your jingle is something that can set your company apart from everyone else. If you end up with just another canned jingle that people forget after hearing, you might as well not have one at all.

Don’t Settle For Poor Production Value

If your jingle is successful, it will be heard by the masses for years to come. If you use poor production techniques, people will notice and think less of your company overall.

If you aren’t the creative type and you don’t have a creative staff in-house, one of your best bets may be to outsource your jingle production. Don’t attempt to create a DYI jingle in your garage or basement—call a pro.

You can always go with the pro production from That way, instead of trying to muddle through a jingle and ending up with something subpar, you can trust a leading name in the jingle-production business.

Have Fun With It

Creating the best business jingle is all about diving deep into your creative mind and finding something with character. Have a little fun with it and you will do great.

If you get stuck, call a professional service to help you out. That way, you will end up with a quality jingle that people love.

Create your jingle today, and for all your other news and info, make sure to check out the rest of our page!

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