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Though the exteriors of a car may be in perfect condition, flawless and polished, it is not an indication of whether the car is safe to use, or can be used for driving. If one or more components or parts of the car are malfunctioning it could lead to accidents. Additionally the car owner will also have to spend money on car repairs. Hence when a person wishes to purchase a used car, he would like to find out the actual condition of the car, so that he can negotiate with the buyer to get the lowest price. Similarly when a car owner is planning to go on a long road trip, he cannot afford to have a car breakdown ,so he would like to find out if any component is damaged or requires repairs.

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Car inspection

Most car owners are not trained in car repairs, design and maintenance, they have no experience and also do not have the tools, equipment. Hence it is difficult for them to accurately detect all the defects in the car. Hence he would like to get the car inspected by a professional who has the training, experience and diagnostic equipment to accurately assess the condition of the car. For this he will have to take the car to the car inspection centre where the car inspector will inspect the car after the inspection fees are paid. After the inspection is completed a report will be submitted to the car owner.

Scope of services

In Singapore there are a large number of cars of different brands, models,which differ significantly in their design and features. The newer car used sophisticated electronics. Though the scope of the inspection will vary depending on the exact model of the car which is being inspected, the car will be mainly checked for safety and reliability. Like most machines, electro-mechanical gadgets, the damage to the car components is usually gradual. Initially the hole or crack is very small and over a period of time,due to increased pressure or force applied the hole will increase in size.


One of the most important considerations while using a car is whether it is safe to use. The driver should have complete control of the car, should be able to steer it in the direction he wishes, bring it to a halt quickly whenever required applying brakes. Hence the car inspector will check the car steering to ensure that it is working properly, the driver can change direction whenever he wishes to avoid collision or for overtaking. He will also test the brakes for efficiency, to check whether the brakes will work as expected to halt the car quickly, even if the car is moving at a high speed.

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In addition to safety,it is also important to ensure that the car is reliable and is working as expected. The car battery is powering the electricals and electronics in the car. The inspector will check whether the battery is in good condition so that it does not get discharged or drained quickly. The battery should also get charged properly when the car is started. Hence the inspector will conduct a battery test as well as a battery charging test.

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