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Choice of AC Covers for the Best Waterproof Protection


It is recommended to protect your AC unit from extreme hot and cold conditions. People tend to get good quality covers during extreme winter seasons, which is also recommended to be waterproof for optimum protection. Otherwise, there is a chance that water may settle on the cover and seep into the AC overtime. A waterproof cover will help keep the moisture away and prevent any mould and mildew formation. Let us discuss some other considerations to make while buying AC covers.

Ease of installation

You may look for the installation instructions while buying a cover. Review all the details before making a purchase. The cover you get should be snug fitting onto the outdoor AC units and should also be easy to install and remove. It may be required to remove the cover from time to time and clean it up in order to avoid any dust or dirt accumulation on it, which may ultimately damage the AC surface.

Choosing the proper size cover

Before picking up a cover, you should also make appropriate size considerations. For this, look at the actual size of the unit and its dimensions. The size of the cover depends largely on the size of the air conditioner, including all the extensions. So, it is ideal for measuring all dimensions of the air conditioner by yourself rather than relying on the dimensions mentioned on the package since those may not be accurate after the installation of the unit at your location.

One idea to try out when you are looking for the best fitting covers is to look for custom-made covers for your product. If you know the product model and variant of your AC unit, it becomes easier to search for a matching cover online using the model name or number as the reference. This way, you can find options of matching covers for the particular brand and make of your AC unit. These may be snug-fitting covers to try out on specific models.

Porous and aerated covers

When you are looking for an intact cover, make sure that it is well-aerated and made of some porous materials. The advantage of this consideration is that it will allow easy flow of air through the cover. It will help keep away any stench that may occur if moisture or bad air is captured inside the cover.


Above all, you need to also make sure that the cover you choose is highly durable. The warranty of the cover will give you assurance about this. Your cover may need to come with a warranty period stating a minimal time period to guarantee its quality and performance. A good warranty may also last for a minimum of two years or so.

Once you consider all these important factors, your shortlisting of the AC covers may become much easier. You can search for online stores to find a variety of options, which you can filter using these criteria mentioned above to get the best few choices. You may so compare the pricing of different products to see those which are matching to your budget.

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