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Open your Living Room and Bedroom to New Window Opportunities


Window decals and clings are a smart and cost-effective way to market and promote your brand, service, or product. Easily removable and easy-to-install, window clings are also perfect for short-term signage. They look great in-car windshield and rear side reminders. You can also use them as holiday décor in the festive season for your home or business.

Regardless of the size of your job and the scope of your budget, you can find a window decal and cling option that matches your needs. These clings have low short runs. You can order a set of 25 or even go for 50,000 pieces. The premier companies can deliver. 

The turnaround choices are innumerable. They include single-day printing and a cost-effective five-day option. It’s easy to meet your budget requirements and deadline with an array of flexible cling selections. 

You can choose from a range of templates, such 11” *8.5”, 17” *11”, 17.5” *3.75”, 2” *2”, 3” *2”, and many more. 

Properties of static cling stickers

Static window clings are thin sheets or layers of plastic that don’t need any adhesive to adhere to a glass surface. You typically print the image onto a powerful translucent rectangle. You can choose a semi-transparent or opaque graphic. 

  • The most important thing is you can easily remove and reapply the static clings. As far as its life span is concerned, static clings can last between one to three years. 
  • It all depends on your usage and maintenance. You can apply them in direct sunlight and outdoors. 
  • You can easily notice some blurry shades or fading within a year or so. If you keep away from direct sunlight and use them only inside your home or office, the stickers will surely last for three years and even more. 

Experts recommend you to wash the cling stickers in between different applications. Use a gentle soap and warm water. Let the clings dry completely as it helps stretch their lifespan. 

Some fascinating templates

Static cling templates are popular because they also provide a strong point of initiation for your custom window clings, which you can use on mirrors, glass partitions, windows, and other highly polished and glossy surfaces. 

  • Ideation is certainly the most difficult part of design. Check other relevant designs to get inspiration. 
  • You can personalize static cling templates to your needs and preferences by making tweaks on the text, images, and colors. 
  • You can also upload your own fonts and graphics in the form of logos, photos, and more.

There are reputable brands that manufacture top-quality clings. They plasticize the products from top-class vinyl material. 

  • You will come across people who use these clings on beverage coolers in motels and gas stations. You can also use them for seasonal promotions and advertising. 
  • They help create a marketing aura in high traffic guestrooms and restrooms, especially during special events. 
  • You can also use them as temporary applications at home. The laundry and kitchen are ideal places. 

Clings like Wear a Mask and Maintain Social Distancing are very popular in current times. You can ask your family, friends, guests, patrons, and employees to wear a mask before entering your property. 

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