Modern Warfare Reddit | Is It Worth To Play Call Of Duty 4 In 2021 and Special Review?

Let's have a honest Cod 4 review .

Call Of Duty 4 had been an iconic or say legendary game of its era, the game has been out since 2007 and trendy topic as modern warfare Reddit but fans didn’t lose interest and a number of players are still playing this fps game.It is one of the milestone , activision ever had .

It’s not wrong to refer to this game to be one of the best games to grace any compatible platform. I’ve personally played this a ton of times, probably 50k + kills so I feel like as I am fully qualified to give a perfect and honest review, as well as discuss whether it’s worth playing the game in 2021. And will also answer modern warfare Reddit queries later.


Everyone can agree that the campaign level of cod4 is incredible in its own league, visuals, story, and action was amazing excluding the fact that it was only 2007 when modern warfare released. Modern warfare Reddit was full of queries later to that time, as many people were asking to set out the gameplay and complete levels.

If you ask me personally, I had enjoyed COD4 more than any other games, the story breaks down was continued from the call of duty world war 2, rather than following a futuristic mechanism and story. 

I had played the campaign level on “Veteran”, as I was dying regularly but after practicing a lot, I completed it many times. If you are also a hardcore gamer, there’s no chance you could miss this amazing campaign. The airplane veteran mission and backlot mission were complete actions at that time. 

If you ask me to again play this in 2021, I’ll never recommend to not play but like with many other games from the cod franchise, Activision has been released so it’s worth checking the new games. Modern warfare Reddit is reviewing black ops the latest cod game.


Call of Duty Modern Warfare 4 Multiplayer mode was originally introduced only for Marines and OpFor which was similar to Call Of Duty 2. But later on, the custom developers created the unlocked multiplayer version. That’s why this game is rolling out even today. 

The promod Multiplayer mode is just hilarious, you can play 5 v 5 SND, TDM, Headquarter, and FFA. Believe me, I had years of experience in Cod4 and never tired of it. The cod4 multiplayer communities are still out of their on modern warfare Reddit, on TeamSpeak, and Discord.

My very Own Personal Community of Call Of Duty 4 , is the Team Evil Wolfs maybe you heard of it :

The Top Players in Team Evil Wolfs:

  • |EW| F4LL (Scoper)
  • |EW| 5PYD3R (Strategist /Assault Master)
  • |EW| MAX PAYNE ( Master Rusher)
  • |EW| JIN ( Binder)
  • |EW| L3G3ND (Unbreakable Defender)

As playing this game in Team Evil Wolfs, we’ve played a number of tournaments all around the globe and won a number of matches, and believe me, the game is still as enjoyable as it was back in 2018. Modern warfare Reddit is not just a game it’s a feeling to express your military emotion as it is awarded to be a top military game and top 10 fps game.

COD 4 Modern Warfare Reddit Tips:

  • Don’t be aggressive, just use your 100% map knowledge.
  • Binds and Other glitches, makes you sick at COD4.
  • Practice with various control-sets
  • Play servers like death-runs for extra strafing.

Should You Stop Playing Call Of Duty 4 Modern Ware Reddit ?

A number of games launched with more innovative graphics and visual effects than COD 4, and the version or cod 4 Remastered was also launched more than two years ago. You should try something new, but that doesn’t mean don’t play COD 4, people have the right to say but just ask yourself, if you want to play it nobody can stop you to play, as the number of players still playing COD4.

But it is not as large as considered PUBG and COD warzone, but it’s up to you whether you consider it to be a very old game or just play it to remember those beautiful memories, It’s overall worth playing.

Conclusion :

So, In the end, after covering modern warfare Reddit and other sources, the end words are if you want to play COD4 even in 2021, you can just be yourself. But also try other games as well. And where the question of leaving COD4 that’s totally up to you.

Tell us in the comment , what you think about playing call of duty 4  in 2021 ?

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