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Garchomp (Gen 4 Pokémon) | Stats, Weakness, Move-sets And Exciting Facts

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Garchomp introduced in Generative IV, is an amazing pseudo-legendary pokemon of dual-type both ground and dragon. It is one of the most incredible pokemon with exciting facts, which we’ll be going to review.

Have you ever heard of Mega Garchomp, yes it exists? In this guide, we’ll further explore the shocking feats of Garchomp pokemon go, its abilities, and skill-set to defeat any possible enemy. So stay wherever you are it’ll be going entertaining as well as informational.

What Type Of Pokemon Is Garchomp?

Type: Dual ( Dark/Dragon)

Garchomp smogon is a bipedal and draconian Pokémon also referred to as pseudo-legendary that is seen dark-blue colored It has red on its underside from the lower jaw to the center of the mid-region, including the undersides of its arms. A fix of gold goes to a point beneath the red on its midsection, and a brilliant star shape enlightens the tip of its nose. It has horn-like extremities that take after a fly.

These permit it to detect its prey from a significant distance. Its enormous mouth brightens well-honed teeth. The feet have three white claws, and each arm has an individual enormous, white paw for a hand. Bended blades sprout from the arms, making wings that permit him to fly. It likewise has an enormous dorsal balance and another on its tail that takes after a shark tailfin.

The male’s dorsal balance has an indent on it. Sets of little, white spikes project from its upper arms and legs, and there are gill-like cuts on the sides of the neck. The eyes are exceptional, with dark sclerae and gold-shaded irises.


Pokemon GO has various Garchomp sprites that may include un-introduced variants. But we’ve discovered the 2 versions of him below:

  • Female :
garchomp moveset

The female version is the default version evolved, It can get in Pokemon Go. Mainly the female Garchomp is the main one and has various alternatives depending on the generations of it.

  • Female Shiny:
garchomp moveset

The Garchomp shiny variant is a rare variant and possibly not available in the game.

Let’s dig deeper, explore move-sets and check how to use them.

Garchomp Evolution:

The family of 3 members, evolved from the basic Gible form, introduced in Gen 4.Following is the evolution of this pokemon

Base Form ( Gible):

garchomp moveset

The base pokemon is the Gible form introduced in Gen 4. The height of 0.7m is acquired by this variant. It then evolves into its final form using upgrades. As a level 24, Pokemon sun gible evolves into the next form.

2nd Form ( Gabit):

garchomp moveset

The gible evolved form is the Gabit variant acquired on reaching level 24. With a hp of 68 and an attack of 90, it is a more offensive type of pokemon. This is also known to be as “Cave Pokemon”.It is not to be bad in the case of the second evolution only.

Final Form ( Garchomp):

Garchomp artwork by Ken Sugimori,Garchomp

The final form of the family is the one and only Garchomp. The shiny Garchomp pokémon go is also available. Gabit when reaches level 48, it then evolves into this variant.

X Final Form ( Mega Garchomp):

Garchomp , Mega Garchomp

Following X and Y, there is also mega Garchomp pokemon go. It has advanced movesets and abilitiesthem, it can’t be acquired easily but takes a lot of upgradation and originally seen in the anime.

If you are really into anime you really should not miss the one piece Episodes and I know it is really hard to see thousands of episodes I suggest you watch one piece filler arc.

Garchomp Pokemon Movesets and Weakness:

Following is the detailed information of the Garchomp movesets and other weaknesses.

Basic Stats:

Garchomp serebii is a dual-type of the pokemon dragon and ground, it is the evolved form of Gabite. The vulnerability of this guy is to Ice, Dragon moves, and Fairy. The strongest move is the Dragon Tail and Outrage, The max CP is 3962.


AbilitiesSand Veil
Buddy Distance5km
Capture & Flee Rate5%
Max CP2999

All Moves(Garchomp moveset gen 4):

Quick moveDamageEPSDPS
  Mud Shot511.710
  Dragon Tail158.216.4
  Fire Blast140-23.833.3
  Sand Tomb60-8.318
  Frustration Shadow10-16.55
  Return Purified35-47.150

Weakness and Resistance:

Check the following table for o weakness and resistance. We’ve measured all of these and featured it in a table.

Vulnerable toResistant to 
Ice(256%)Dark (63%)
Fairy (160%)Posion(63%)
Dragon (160%)Fire(63%)


Garchomp is not only a pseudo-legendary pokemon but also acquired a large range of abilities to confront any. In this guide, we’ve featured everything including attacks, weakness, and shocking facts about this pokemon. Read it and if any queries, a comment will greatly be appreciated and answered.

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