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Zeraora Shiny: Get This Legendary Pokemon, Facts, And More!

pokemon zeraora
pokemon zeraora

Zeraora is a powerhouse and shiny variant is much famous these days. This ultimate guide will lead you to get Zeraora in your team league and we’ll, later on, explore facts about it.

With the launch of this impressive pokemon, the fans have gone crazy and curiously finding ways to get this amazing pokemon for their team. Over one million players have already won this battle, there is a chance for you to get it.

In this guide, we’ve covered everything you need to know that will help you to get this legendary pokemon in no time. Without paying even a single penny, yeah there is a possibility to get this amazing variant, let’s see how to get Zeraora in the pokemon sword and how many zeraora have been defeated?

Why Zeraora Is So Special?

A legendary Mythical Pokemon and the appearance of its in Pokemon sword has made the fans gone crazy. The electric-type Pokemon, zeraora smogon ss has 1 of the top-tenth highest speed rating at the rate of 143 speed.No matter whether you are ready or not, this ultra beast clown will always be an upper edge for your caliber.

Offensive Abilities:

Zeraora shiny has incredibly amazing move-sets including more than 110 basics attacks and 102 special abilities. It can be the advance-guard for your league and will make you destroy the enemy’s guards with its earth-shaking abilities.

Some of the abilities require the level upgrading but it’s effective. As the Shocking Electric attack ability will be available on level 32, Zeraora plasma fists will be available at 88 levels. With every ability unlocking, abilitiles will continuously be upgrading and getting perfect for your Team.

Where To Get Shiny Zeraora In Pokemon Sword?

With over a million players have already defeated the Zeraora, it’s never too late. Gather your friends and jump into the battlefield to fight to get this mythical pokemon in your league.

Here’s how to get this electric-type without code, just don’t leave the stage of Max Raid Battles, as there’s a chance of this wild guy appearing.

Keep your eye on the number of stars in the top-left corner of the Max Raid Battle menu screen during this special event. There is a chance of appearing in Max Raid Battles that are three stars or more. In five-star Max Raid Battles, there’s a chance that an especially powerful Shiny Zeraora will appear!

For July 28, It could be equipped without giving the paid code. There were one million players required to defeat it in the Max Raid battle so that each trainer could get a golden chance to equip shiny variant. Fortunately, players made it unlocked for everyone. Here’s how to defeat it?

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How To Defeat Zeraora pokemon shield? 

Before fighting with the electric powerhouse with incredibly fast speed, make sure you have a perfect compatible Pokemon to defeat this tough guy.Defeating is must if you are looking for , how to claim shiny zeraora.

I recommend you to have a level up-gradation of your ground type pokemon to get an advantage in the battle arena. In case, your main Pokemon is the electric type, it’ll have no damage as it is immune to an electric type, steel type, and even the flying pokemon,  isn’t it amazing ?.

Pokemon Zeraora Weakness, Abilities, and Facts:

zeraora stats
Source: bulb garden

The electric power-house was first seen in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon in Generation VII. The list of Pokémon in gen 7 added more than 80 new powerful fighters in the Pokemon World.

If we talk about the  Zeraora evolution, let’s made it clear that it is not designed to evolve but it already has incredibly amazing strength and speeds with various superb abilities. And it is the only pokemon that can perform Plasma Fists.

Let’s have a look at some of the shocking abilities and far-fetched move-sets.

Zeraora Stats:

StatsRange Lvl 50Range  Lvl 100
HP:88148 – 195286 – 380
Attack:112105 – 180206 – 355
Defense:7572 – 139139 – 273
Special  Attacks:10296 – 169188 – 333
Special Defence:8076 – 145148 – 284
Speed:143133 – 214261 – 423

Zeraora Weakness and Resistances:

WeaknessImmunity AgainstDamaged ByResistant to
Ground Type (2x)Electric Attacks (0x)Normal(1x)Fighting(1x)Poison (1x)Rock (1x)Bug (1x)Ghost (1x)Fire (1x)Water (1x)Grass (1x)Psychic(1x)Ice (1x)Dragon(1x)Dark (1x)Fairy (1x)Flying (1/2x)Steel(1/2x)

Zeraora Moves ( On Level-Ups)

Level-Up MovesAtk.
Fake Out40
Power-Up Punch40
Quick Attack40
Fury Swipes18
Quick Guard
Volt Switch70
Thunder Punch75
Hone Claws
Wild Charge90
Plasma Fists100
Close Combat120
Fake Out40

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Conclusion :

Zeraora is one of the strongest and fastest pokemon ever existed, with its incredible large-scale of move -sets. This pokemon has another fanbase level. With its revealing in Pokemon Sword and Shield, fans are finding solutions to unlock this wild animal curiously.

In this guide we’ve featured everything you need to know to defeat and get Zeraora shiny, moreover, the facts are also explored in this article. If you have any relevant faq ask in a comment, we’ll try our best to answer them.

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