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How Online Recruitment Software Boosts Networking

The secret to hiring the best talents and matching them with suitable positions is networking. And good recruitment software is the key to achieving a flourishing network of candidates and clients. How? Read on to learn more.

It’s nothing new to state that the recruitment industry is competitive. So how can recruiters deliver their best while being assured that their hard work will get fruitful results?

Experienced recruiters who’ve used recruitment software helps acknowledge that networking should be a constant project. It must be approached like a long-term strategic work. Because the best candidates are probably already engaged in a job they like. They’re also usually not very willing to shift from one job to another unless the new offer is much more lucrative.

So how does recruitment software assist with the networking plans of a proactive recruiter?

First of all, if you’re a recruiter who thinks they’re facing a shortage of talent then you need to be networking harder. Because it is more about a matter of looking harder than it is about a dearth of talent.

Networking should be a longstanding plan – something that recruiters are always involved in even as they’re busy with appointing candidates, paperwork, etc. This must be done proactively. If recruiters wait to reach out to suitable candidates only when there’s a need then that’s simply detrimental to their work.

Building a good source of talent and network requires some planning and vision. Unless a recruiter works solely for a niche industry it is important to diversify when building a network. That means more interaction and reaching out to a variety of people.

These days it is more about online networking than offline networking events. From sending messages or scheduling video chats, recruitment software has all the answers.

Social media platforms are definitely where professionals from every industry can be found. And LinkedIn Recruiter is almost always the first source for talent acquisition teams. Before working with recruitment CRM software, a recruiter would have to manually copy an individual’s profile information. Now it helps bypass this stage and directly links the candidate’s LinkedIn profile from inside the recruitment software. So all a recruiter needs to do is log on to the CRM software platform and click a button with the potential candidate’s name which will take them straight to the social media profile.

Recruiters can also find themselves in the situation where they are inundated with messages from hopeful job seekers. The best course of action to take is to create a talent map. It helps recruiters create specifications for an ideal candidate (industry-specific) and build a network around that.

Recruitment software helps keep this talent map organized and updated. Once recruiters know what skills, qualifications, and backgrounds their ideal candidate should possess, they can start to actively network towards that goal. It becomes convenient to have a single platform, like a recruitment database, wherein the candidate pool is recorded and updated.

Proactive networking is a continuous process. Successful recruiters do not think their job is done after acquiring a great candidate profile. They regularly reach out to the candidate to see how they are doing. All the communication notes can be stored in the recruitment database software. It makes it easy to quickly check the last conversation with the candidate which helps build a better relationship.

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