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Obstagoon (Pokémon) | Quick Stats, Weakness, Movesets And 2 Variants


Obstagoon is one of the favorite pokemon in Pokémon GO, the  Dark-type pokemon with amazing move-sets and skills. The marvelous set of Pokemon move-sets make it worthy to mention these skills.

In this guide, we’ll review Obstagoon skills, weakness, ranking, and movesets , so stay wherever you are , it’ll be going entertaining as well as informational.

What Type Of Pokemon Is Obstagoon?

Obstagon is a Normal and Dark Type Pokemon Equipped from Galar region.This pokemon is evolved from Linone when fed up to 100 candies.

The attack and defense abilities of this pokemon are super awesome as it belongs to Gen 8 ( Galar Region ). Overall Obstagoon is not a bad pokemon but raising it is not recommended as the abilities are not that incredible.

The most powerful attacks of this Obstagoon include Counter and Hyper Beam. In the Fog and partly cloudy weather conditions, the abilities gets boosted amazingly. The vulnerability of this pokemon is to fighting type moves, Bug and Fairy.

Obstagoon(Pokémon) Variants:

Pokemon GO has various obstagoon sprites that may include unreleased versions. But we’ve discovered two versions of it :

Female :


The female version is the default version evolved , and can be acquired in Pokemon GO.

Female Shiny:

Obstagoon shiny

Female Shiny variant is the rare pokemon and can’t be acquired easily.

Let’s dig deeper ,explore movesets and check how to use it.

Obstagoon Evolution:

Obstagoon family is a part of 3 members. From the Galara Regio of 8th Generation, the first evolved from Zigzagoon , let’s see the evolution scale.

Base Form ( Galarian Zigzagoon):

Obstagoon , Zigzagoon

The Galarian Zigzagoon is the base form. To evolve into the next form which is Linoone, you have to acquire 25 candies. The main release of this form was on Hoenn-region Pokémon held on Dec, 8th. 2017.

It’s shiny form was later on released on Hoenn Celebration 2019.

2nd Form ( Linoone):

Obstagoon, Linoone

The second form evolved from Zigzagoon after feeding up to 25 candies. The main release of this form was on Hoenn-region Pokémon held on Dec,8th.2017.The next form is going to be the final one, so you need to collect 50 candies.

Final Form ( Obstagoon):


The final form of 3 member family, the obstagoon is acquired after mixing 50 candies to the Galarian Linoone form, the shiny variant of this version is not available yet.

If you are really into anime you really should not miss the one piece Episodes and I know it is really hard to see thousands of episodes I suggest you watch one piece filler arc.

Obstagoon Pokemon Movesets and Weakness:

The following graphs show the detailed move-sets , special attacks and weakness of the Obstagoon

Obstagoon Stats:

With a max CP of 2999, this pokemon is amazing in its own class. The base type has a max of 180 attacks, 194 defense abilities, and stamina 212 in Pokemon GO.

The best attacks are Lick and Counter.


Buddy Distance3km
Capture & Flee Rate4%
Max CP2999

All Moves:

Quick moveDamagesEPSDPS
Hyper Beam150-26.347.4
  Cross Chop50-33.333.3
  Night Slash50-1527.3
  Gunk Shot130-32.341.9
  Frustration Shadow10-16.56
  Return Purified35-47.160

Weakness and Resistance:

Check the following table for weakness and resistance. We’ve measured all of these and featured it in a table.

Vulnerable toResistant to 
Fighting (256%)Dark (63%)
Fairy (160%)Psychic(39%)
Bug (160%)Ghost(24%)


In this guide, we’ve featured Obstagoon’s skills, abilities, and ultra move-sets. Go through this guide to explore deeper the marvelous pokemon. Just power up continuously your pokemon to get the exact stardust cost. The Pokemon GO version buddy can be equipped and then better trained over time.

If you any query and information , a comment will greatly be appreciated.

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