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Comfort Women Dresses: Lazy To Luxurious

2021 has really changed the way that we think about clothes and how we dress. As we sat at home, snuggled under the duvet, comfort was at the top of our agenda. Comfort can be wrongfully perceived as lazy when it should be viewed as luxurious. 

While it’s nice to occasionally wear that tighter fitted dress out for dinner, comfort doesn’t mean compromising style. There is a range of different dress styles that are perfect for women this summer. 

After eating one too many spoonfuls of linguine and your stomach starts to bloat, you begin to wish that you’d just picked up that jumper dress from your closet. In this article, you’ll find out what dress styles you should look for this summer for comfort.

What constitutes comfort fashion?

There are so many different styles of dresses already out there, and sometimes it’s difficult to detect which ones will be suitable for your comfort needs. When considering buying your comfort dresses this summer, you should particularly focus on the size, material, and print.


Many dress styles, for example, a t-shirt dress, have the option to be oversized. You still select your ordinary size, but the dress will appear to give you a little more space than normal. If you’re not feeling 100%, oversized clothing can give you a confidence boost.


Some materials can be clingier than others and not give you that feeling of comfort that you desire. Dresses that are made out of cotton, for example, are made out of softer and stretchier fabrics that give you a little more room to breathe. 


Many dresses incorporate a print in their design. Depending on what the design consists of, it can potentially make the dress look more casual. You may want to think about the occasion that you are wearing the dress for.

Why is comfort fashion the way forward?

Whether you’re going for a friendly summer picnic or it’s date night, there are so many comfortable options that will still look immaculate.

Fashion retailers are taking note of what their customers want. As customers begin to scream about the need for comfort, they change alongside the trends. More comfort women dresses are becoming available daily in new, luxurious styles.

Dressing for the summer sun

When the weather starts to become extortionately hot, the last thing you want is to have a tight dress that sticks to your body. It’s just uncomfortable. You need to choose a comfortable dress that’s fit for the heat – here’s how.

Best comfort dress styles for summer


Sundresses are super versatile and would make an excellent choice for a day out at the beach. Sundresses are often made from a loose-fitting, lightweight fabric, and their flowy style makes them a 10/10 on the comfort front while also maintaining that stylish look.

T-Shirt Dress

T-shirt dresses are an absolute staple that every woman should have in their closet. Dress them up with heels, boots, some accessories, or keep it casual with some trainers. T-shirt dresses come in a range of different prints and can completely stand out amongst the crowd.

Pair your t-shirt dress with a cute denim jacket to maximize your comfort look.

Jumper Dress

Jumper dresses share a similar vibe to t-shirt dresses, but with that extra added warmth. The summer weather can be so unpredictable, and sometimes that little extra adds even more comfort. You could pair your jumper dress with tights and boots, or even heels. 

Maxi or Midi Dress

The main difference between midi and maxi dresses is their length. Both of these styles are long and elegant and are suitable for a relaxed, chilled afternoon or even an expensive evening dinner.

If you want to dress them up, you can always pair maxi or midi dresses with a belt to add some shape while still achieving the same comfortable feel.

Mini Dress

Mini dresses are often made from the same material as maxi or midi dresses but are even shorter. Mini dresses are super stylish and can help you achieve that adorable summer brunch vibe or even paired with a strappy bag and some heels, elegant and sophisticated. 

Bright and bold

Wearing bright and bold colors this summer will help to distract from the fact that you may not look as ‘typically’ dressy. Wearing a dress with a cool, unique pattern or vibrant colors adds that extra something to make your clothing pop. 


Just because you favor comfort doesn’t mean you have to lose the stylish look. All of these styles and suggestions will help you to find comfort women dresses that are perfect for you this summer. 

Finding the right dress for you is all about your style and how you want to look and feel. Summer is the perfect opportunity to try out a few different styles. Book that boozy brunch, get that cute outfit sorted, and feel comfortable in what you love

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