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Ways To Pay for Drug Addiction Treatment

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One of the questions that may face you when going for addiction treatment is the cost. You may wonder how to pay for it. After all, rehabilitation costs can depend on multiple factors and vary too. For example, in-patient or residential care tends to be expensive, but it is also the highest quality program. Outpatient programs can be less expensive. But they may not offer aftercare services necessary for long-term recovery. Regardless of everything, it is essential to know that drug abuse treatment is accessible to everyone. You only need to determine the right resources to pay for it.

So, whether you want to start your treatment in one of the in-patient rehab centers in Minnesota or somewhere else, you can consider the choice of the following financial options to solve your concerns regarding treatment cost.

Payment options for addiction treatment


Several private health covers are there – some provide for a portion of drug abuse treatment, while others pay the entire cost. You can get complete information about their schemes from their website or through customer support. Some of the trusted names in private insurance include Aetna, United Healthcare, Cigna, etc. Drug treatment centers can also help you figure out what your insurance plan covers and for how long. 

Besides that, you can also rely on national health insurance programs like Medicare and Medicaid. The government-funded health benefits can pay for your rehab costs. You would need to meet certain eligibility criteria for these programs, though. For example, you have to be either more than 65 years of age or less than 19. Then, factors like income, pregnancy, and disability can also influence the benefits.

Private financing

Duration of the residential treatment and choice of the rehab center can increase your treatment expenses. You may need private financial support to cover them, especially if you don’t have any insurance or qualify for any state and federal assistance programs. Since some treatment facilities provide scholarships, you can find out about them also. Or, your rehab center can have financing plans to let you pay for your treatment after getting discharged. These can be loans provided by a third party. So, it is also an option to consider.

Some people use their retirement plans and savings for their treatment. If you also have to do it, don’t hesitate. Once you become sober, you can focus on your life and start evolving. Do you own a home? Then, you can take a home equity loan to clear your treatment bills. Crowdfunding or fundraising can be another option. You can seek help from your family and friends. Ask them to pay the bills directly to let them know you are not misusing their money. Or, they can raise funds for your treatment through crowdfunding platforms. 

Non-essential items sell

Substance addiction is one of the dangerous disorders that ruin your and your loved ones’ lives. Hence, you cannot afford to avoid your health. Whether you go to one of the luxury rehabilitation centers North Carolina, Minnesota, or somewhere else, the fact is you need to heal, recover, and get back to everyday life. For this, you would need lots of money. And another intelligent way to pay for your treatment can be liquidating valuable non-essential items, like a car, boat, jewelry, sports memorabilia or equipment, camera, laptop, art pieces, etc. You can live without most of these items. That’s why it can be wise to use them to fund your addiction treatment.

Getting treatment without insurance

Almost every American state offers some form of financial assistance for people who don’t have insurance and require free or low-cost rehab programs. So you can look up low-cost treatment options for mental health and substance abuse in your city, county, and state. Some of the details may not be valid, so you need to be careful.  If you are in a crisis, but there is no emergency, such as relapse or overdose issues, you can get in touch with your local crisis hotline numbers. 

To be on the safe side, you can check government websites for the list of treatment centers. Or, you can also ask for a recommendation from the general community resource center. These sources tend to be reliable and can offer detailed information for your need.

A person can become the victim of addiction for several reasons, an unhealthy home environment, peer pressure, recreational purposes, medical conditions, or something else. No matter what leads you to this state, you have to bounce back to regular life. Otherwise, the journey can become too painful and degenerated. Your family and friends can move away from you for your changing behavior. You can suffer emotionally, mentally, and physically. Sometimes, drug abuse also results in deaths, suicides, and coma. If you care for your life and family, you need to give yourself another chance.

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