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Common Challenges Faced by Web Developers


A successful IT project is the result of the well-coordinated work of a team of designers, developers, and Internet marketing specialists. Sometimes it can be expensive to create a website that perfectly meets all the requirements. But it is more important than the project quickly pays off and begins to bring tangible profits. To do this, you need to choose a good team that you entrust web development to.

Web Design and Development: Key Challenges

Web design and development jobs are not as creative as they seem. Today, building a website is mainly about close interaction between clients and the teams that provide them with services. The essence of web development services is to create a project that the client will be happy with:

1. Customers don’t know what they want. Before starting work, a designer and a web developer must meet with the client and clarify all his requirements, draw up a technical specification and find out what the client expects from the final result of their work. Unfortunately, clients often do not have a clear plan or vision of what they want. It is a good idea to ask the client to provide you with some examples of existing sites that they particularly like.

2. Clients are unsure about their budget. Before getting started, designers, developers, and marketers need to know how much money they can spend on a project. When preparing for a meeting with a client, you need to prepare a range of price proposals for him. If the client does not know the approximate amount of investment in an Internet project, several tariff plans can be shown.

3. Keeping track of new trends in web design is one of the biggest challenges faced by all web designers, regardless of skill level. The World Wide Web is in constant flux. It is really difficult to constantly adapt to these changes, and for everyone who works in the niche of web design and development.

4. Difficulties in developing web applications. Web designers aren’t the only ones who run into difficulties when building websites. Some problems come and go, and some continue to appear due to the constant development of web technologies. Due to the growing number of browser applications, developers have to adapt their Internet projects. To make the project look equally good in any web environment, you need to work out the HTML code and cascading style sheets for all available browser applications. Cookies are a constant subject of heated debate. Developers need to fix errors related to the operation of the site in different browsers, but users who disable cookies become a problem for them. The solution may be to require cookies to be allowed to enter the site.

Websites of all sorts and sizes face crashes and attacks. So regardless if you have a plain site, or one full of sticky elementsredirects, etc., you have to be well-protected. Thankfully, tools like Emergency Recovery Script exist. ERS will give you admin access and restore your site in minutes for free. And since it’s independent of WordPress, it’s also effective in any situation.

5. In promoting brands, Internet marketers face several difficulties. The main task is to actively attract traffic. To reach a wider audience and get more people to know about the brand, marketers need to audit their online activities. As part of an Internet marketing strategy, professionals must create meaningful content with targeted keywords and analyze which channels will be more effective for promotion.


In an effort to create a usable web design project that will appeal to both the web community and clients, web designers, developers and marketers must be prepared for all of these challenges. Many of them are interrelated and common to different web designers. It is important to note that they are often industry specific. Against the background of the rapid development of various trends in web design, it is more important for specialists than ever to join forces, understand customer expectations and strive to achieve common goals with customers.

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