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Should You Hire a Software Development Company or a Freelancer Developer for Your Small Business


Whenever it comes to software development, an entrepreneur has three options, either add an IT sector to his company, hire a developing team or go for a freelancer developer. 

Though for established companies, the first option is quite feasible, but the small companies that have just taken their start, can’t afford an Optimized IT sector, so it leaves them with only two options, either hire a freelancer developer or approach an IT Software Development Company DICEUS.

Yet the choice isn’t that easy though, because both have their own pros and cons. That’s why entrepreneurs often get into this dilemma and can’t decide which one is a better option for them.

So if you too are one of the confused ones, then don’t worry, we have you covered up. After going through an in-depth and detailed analysis of both, we have illustrated an honest comparison between the two so that you can easily decide which one of them is meant for you. So let’s begin

Freelancer Vs Development Company – Comparison

Hiring a Freelancer – Pros

  • The very first advantage of hiring a freelancer is that it can be a highly cost-effective solution for your software development project because freelancer developers typically charge 30% lesser rates as compared to a development company. 
  • Another big reason why freelancing development is a big yes is the speed and time it offers. Freelancer, unlike development companies, often tends to complete the task more efficiently in lesser time. They don’t take extra hours and finish the project in a given time period, therefore companies that want urgent software development often go for freelancers.
  • Freelancer offers more flexibility in the contacts and working hours than the development team, which is another reason to go for this option.

Hiring a Freelancer – Cons

  • The biggest disadvantage of hiring a freelancer developer is the absence of reliability. You can expect anything from the freelancers. As they are not a registered company, so there is no credibility that they will stay loyal to you and so are always at the risk of disappearing. 
  • Another drawback of freelancer developers is the uncertainty of quality. Though you can expect the freelancers to submit the project in time, but you can’t expect them to maintain a high quality in their product. 

Hiring a Development Company – Pros

  • Though outsourcing custom development to a company has many uncountable benefits, yet the major one is reliability. Software development companies are legally registered structures, have a long-term track record, and a good reputation among the users, which in the case of freelancers is totally unavailable. Therefore, you can blindly trust a software development company with your project as they are responsible for any loss or damage.
  • Another benefit of Development Company is the vast area of expertise. A development company has a team full of experts and professionals, each one a master in his specified field, which means that if you are facing any problem at all, a room full of experts is always available at your service.
  • One more reason to opt for software Development companies is that they provide you with the most advanced and updated solutions of all time. They are always equipped with modern technological tools because they have to deal with hundreds of people every day, and therefore they can’t risk ruining their projects by using legacy tools and systems. 

Hiring a Development Company – Cons

  • The major disadvantage of hiring a software development team is that they have sky-touching costs. You need to have thousands of bucks in your pockets before partnering with a software development team as they are triple the expensive than freelancers. 

Which one is better?

Now, as both the nominees have their own distinct features, advantages, and disadvantages, so we can never mark any of them as a winner or a looser, you can choose any of the above depending upon your requirements as each one of them offers great aid in accordance with the situation.

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