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Cosmetic Surgery vs. Reconstructive Plastic Surgery

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These days, it is possible to alter your physical appearance entirely and get your desired look. People who are conscious of their appearance do not mind undergoing plastic surgery to modify their looks. Aesthetic plastic surgery is popular worldwide, and people love it because it enables them to get their outstanding features. Women are using plastic surgery more these days to improve their appearance. Statistics reveal that annually over 13 million women undergo cosmetic surgery. This small article will help you understand more about this excellent medical procedure and the difference between cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgery Georgios Orfaniotis.

Overview of plastic surgery

Cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgery help to enhance the physical appearance of specific body parts of a person. The surgical procedures are not physically invasive. Presently, there are around 27 different types of plastic surgery processes that are available. These procedures focus on a person’s facial or other body parts. Some of the most common plastic surgery processes include:

1. Breast implant or breast augmentation (reconstructive surgery)

2. Nose job or rhinoplasty (reconstructive surgery)

3. Tummy tuck or abdominoplasty (Cosmetic surgery)

4. Liposuction (Cosmetic surgery)

5. Eyelid surgery (cosmetic surgery)

6. Facelift (reconstructive surgery)

5. Lip enhancement (reconstructive surgery)

6. Octoplasty or eye surgery (cosmetic surgery)

7. Chin surgery (reconstructive surgery)

Cosmetic plastic surgery primarily aims to enhance a specific body part and make it more appealing. These procedures are according to the patient’s choice. Cosmetic plastic surgery helps people not only to look better physically but also to feel better internally.

Invasive plastic surgery

A common invasive plastic surgery includes botox, tissue fillers, peels, and laser hair removal.

Reconstructive surgery

Reconstructive plastic surgery improves the function and impairment of specific body parts like cleft lips and bone injuries. Tumor removal is also a form of reconstructive surgery, as is scar revisions. Women tend to go for nose jobs and breast implants commonly. Facelifts are also common, along with tummy tucks and neck lifts.

What should you be aware of?

In case you want to go for a plastic surgery procedure, you will need to consider your finances. Plastic surgery can be pretty expensive, depending upon the specific procedure. You should find out the detailed pricing of your cosmetic surgery before going for it. Additionally, it is also essential to find a good plastic surgeon like Georgios Orfaniotis. You can easily find good plastic surgeons on the internet from medical forums. You can find the top female plastic surgeon to to perform these surgeries.

Financing the surgery

These days, we have several clinics offering plastic surgery. It means that there would be competitive pricing for such procedures also. So, you can find cheaper procedures. It would be best if you found a clinic that offers good results and uses top-quality equipment. It is vital to go through the reviews left by past clients before choosing a specific clinic. Check for more information.

Plastic surgery enables people to fix misshaped body parts and enhance their beauty and confidence. Plastic surgery is an aesthetic medical procedure for this reason. You can find good plastic surgeons on the internet. Hopefully, the information mentioned in this article will have helped you.

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