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The Mouse Problem: Dealing with Mice Infestation


Sure, Mickey Mouse and Ratatouille are adorable on screen, but not these small rodents that live with you in your home. Mice problems have been a headache for many individuals as they bring a lot of trouble. Aside from these pests chewing through your food containers, ripping apart your clothes, and damaging your wires, they also carry diseases that can harm you and your family.

In this article, we’ll discuss steps you can take to deal with your mice problem.

1.    Know Where the Mice Are

Where do these mice hide out? To start your attack on them, you should first locate the infested areas in your home where they mostly spend their time. How? Their black fecal pellets are often a giveaway. You can also expect them near food sources or gaps where your utility lines go through to reach your home.

2.    Seal Small Spaces in Your Home

Mice can squeeze through cracks that are as small as 0.25 inches (if you can stick a pencil in it, then mice can move through it!). Of course, it’s best that you rodent-proof your house even before they occur. Weatherstrip your windows and door, and don’t forget the threshold.

You can use steel wool, duct tape, or cement to block the space. Don’t use anything that mice can chew through, such as wood, plastic, or rubber. Effective mice removal Texas services – say goodbye to unwanted critters! Our experts provide fast, reliable solutions. Get in touch with us today!

3.    Keep Your Food in Durable Containers

If you plan to store your food, make sure to do so in containers that these rodents’ teeth can’t puncture. Use glass or plastic containers to minimize the risk of eating your food before you do.

4.    Make Sure Your House Is Clean and Organized

Mice search for food and are attracted to any leftover you have in your table, sink, or trash. Be sure to properly clean your house before you sleep at night and put away anything they might find. Properly take care of your trash, too, so they don’t spill and get eaten by mice and other pests.

Check your pantry too, you might need to move some seasonings and other cooking ingredients here and there or put them into boxes, so these rodents do not easily get to them.

Empty your house of debris and clutter where mice can hide and make nests. The cleaner your house is, the easier it is to find and know where mice are.

5.    Get a Cat or Pretend to Have One

Mice reproduce fast, and the more mice there are, the more problems it’ll be for you. This will be a great option, especially if no one in your family has a cat allergy. But if any of your family members do, you can also utilize used cat litter. It helps in scaring off mice, even if you don’t actually have a cat, as they have the cat’s scent. Put the litter in areas where you know the rodents frequent.

6.    Apply Essential Oils

Peppermint, eucalyptus, camphor, and clove oil repels mice, among other pests. They are a natural way to discourage mice from moving around in your home. Simply put these oils in cotton and place them where mice may go, like the drawers and cupboards.

You can add some mothballs to the mix and put them together in old socks. Hang the socks in vents or windows but make sure it’s high enough that your children and pets don’t reach them.

Not a fan of essential oils? You can pick strong-smelling deodorant soaps like Irish Spring to do the work for you.

7.    Set Traps and Nonpoisonous Treatments

Mice sleep during the day and go food hunting at night. You can try and use commercial or DIY traps to lure and catch them. And don’t make the mistake of assuming it’s just one mouse! Set several traps around the house. It’s also advisable to use different traps so you know what works best for you.

The following are some of the traps you can use:

  • Traditional snap trap
  • Electric traps
  • Sticky traps
  • Live catch traps

You can have the following as baits:

  • Cheese
  • Chocolate
  • Peanut butter
  • Gumdrops
  • Maple syrup
  • Bacon

Strategically place your traps, often perpendicular to walls, dark corners, behind furniture — anywhere near the places where there are traces of mouse activity. Make sure to check your traps every morning. Move the traps around the house, especially if you’ve already caught a mouse in an area.

You may also find yourself considering using poisonous treatments but remember that they are not only unsafe for pests but also pets and even humans. It’s best to try nonpoisonous solutions first, like a concentrated hot pepper solution.

Instant mashed potatoes are a shocking addition to this list too. However, you should skip this tip if you own pets. Wherever you see traces of mice, scatter some instant mashed potato flakes for them to digest. These flakes expand in their stomach and make them sick.

You can’t risk your family with the harm mice bring, especially during the pandemic, where visiting the hospital is considered just as dangerous. There are many ways you can try to fight back against these pests. Find out what’s best for you, and keep your house rodent-free!

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