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Creating a Night Skin Care Routine: What to Know


Do you want to look vibrant, fresh, and beautiful? If you want to look your best, you have to follow a good night skin care routine. This helps moisturize and repair your skin so it always looks clean, vibrant, and healthy.

Of course, this is easier said than done. How do you know which products to use and in which order should you apply them to your face?

Fortunately, if you live in Dubai and you don’t want to leave the house, you can contact the best therapists to come to your area for home service facials in Dubai. However, if you prefer doing it yourself, we’ve got the answers below home service facials in Dubai. Continue reading to learn how to create the right night skincare routine:

Everyone Has Unique Skin Care

Always remember that the skin products that work wonders for some people might not work as well for you. This is because everyone has unique skin care. You will need to experiment a bit and determine what kind of products and the intensity of their chemicals work for you.

Sensitivity is going to be your main concern. Before applying a new product all over your face, try out a small sample first. Apply it to a portion of your face and check how your skin reacts a few hours after.

If you experience rashes, acne, skin care burns, or other negative effects, stop using the product immediately. Bring it to your dermatologist and ask which of the chemicals in the product caused the negative reaction. This will help you avoid other products that could deal the same damage.

Skin Care Routine Order

The trick to a good routine at night is to know which products to apply first. Fortunately, this isn’t too hard to master. Simply remember that the thinnest products come first, leaving thick creams and serums last.

Why is this order of skincare routine steps important?

Starting with the lighter skin care products ensures your skin can absorb them. If you put a light cleanser on top of thick moisturizing cream, it might not push through to reach the deeper layers of your skin.

You might find some facial products that seem equally thick. Don’t fret, we’ll tackle which of those come first too.

Cleanser Comes First

Always start your night skincare routine at home with a makeup remover. You can’t do anything until there’s nothing unnecessary on top of your skin care. Take your time, wash your face, and get rid of the layers of makeup.

Once you’ve removed your makeup, the first product to apply is a cleanser. This will help eliminate all of the dirt, oil, and chemicals on your face. Cleansers will not only help clean your face but also ensure your skin can absorb all of the succeeding products too.

Since this is a night routine, you can use double cleansers too. These products help remove your makeup while also cleansing your face.

Toners and Serums

Toners are a bit of a mixed bag. Some people swear by them while others see no value in using them. It’s up to you to decide whether or not you want to use a toner.

Modern toners can help you deal with oily skin and other issues by delivering vitamins and toning acids to your face. This is a far cry from outdated concepts such as closing skin pores.

Look for serums with antioxidants. These can improve the texture as well as the firmness of your skin. Prioritize serums with resveratrol, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, and caffeine.

If you follow a skin care routine for combination skin, this is when you need to apply special serums and oils.


Of all the serums available, look for one rich in hyaluronic acid. This is a type of serum that increases the water content in your skin. Hyaluronic acid’s properties make it more chemically attractive water.

More water content in your skin makes it fuller, firmer, and brighter. This is a good way to make your skin appear and feel more alive. It also prevents your face from drying up or suffering from damage caused by oils.

Remember that if you apply multiple boosters, follow the same general rule of thumb when it comes to deciding which comes first. Apply the thinnest one first and leave the thicker boosters last.

Apply Eye Cream

Looking for the best skin care routine for 30s? People getting older or those who have a stressful work/school-home routine can suffer from rapid aging. This is when the skin ages faster than it should due to a stressful environment, exposure to sunlight, and rigorous activities.

To this end, apply a bit of eye cream. Make sure to do this after applying boosters.

Eye cream will help repair skin under your eyes, eliminating eye bags and wrinkles. This isn’t the same as a general anti-aging treatment, which can help combat wrinkles and other signs of aging on your face. That comes next.

Special Skin Treatments

Your face takes time to deal with damage and signs of stress. It does most of the repair work during the night, as you rest and sleep. This is why it’s always better to apply treatments in your evening routine and not the morning one.

After applying eye cream, you can now proceed to use things like the Hygieia Deep Wrinkle Reducer or an exfoliant. These products should help your skin repair itself, making it more vibrant and alive.

Moisturizer and Face Oils

The final step is to apply your moisturizer and face oils. These products will keep your facial skin feeling fresh all throughout the evening. They also prevent your skin from drying, which is important if you live in a dry or humid place.

Keep in mind that most moisturizers are thick. This is why they should be the last products to apply on your face. Otherwise, other products might not be able to reach the layers of your skin.

Start an Effective Night Skin Care Routine

Now you know how to maintain an effective night skincare routine. Understand which products work for you and which ones won’t harm your skin. Once you have everything you need, follow this step-by-step guide to apply them in the right order.

But why stop with this skin care routine when we have more topics covering beauty and fashion? We also have guides covering business, finance, and technology topics too! Feel free to keep reading and pick up more tips and tricks right now!

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