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Different types of floor plans for your bathroom

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The success of a bathroom design depends a lot on its floor planning and layout. A bathroom with awkward tub, toilet, and shower angles can be a nightmarish vision. You can instantly call it poorly made. That’s why it becomes essential to follow basic design rules when you reconstruct or build a new bathroom. It can save from the trouble of putting up with a weirdly shaped bathroom and uncomfortable setups.

Since needs can vary based on how many family members live in a house, it will be better to know that these design ideas are relevant for single-family bathrooms. These can apply to a bathroom with a tub, a shower, or a combination of these two features. However, these are not applicable for powder rooms that usually include a sink and a toilet, requiring a distinct approach. Still, you can equip this room with a nice vessel bowl and a sink faucet by Kraus USA for a beautiful impact. For now, let’s focus on single-family bathroom floor plans.

Types of floor plans for bathrooms

An old three-in-a-row layout with a banjo countertop

Suppose yours is 40 square feet or 5’ x 8’ bathroom size.  You can distribute this part in three, for a tub or shower, toilet, and sink. The bath and toilet can get an equal amount of space, for instance, 2′-6″ each. But the sink area can be a little bigger than them, about 3′-0″ and be closest to the entrance door. It is how simple bathroom designs work. Many old setups boast this style for its efficiency. However, in some bathrooms, you can notice a banjo top vanity. It refers to a countertop design that extends from the sink area to over the toilet tank. Traditional bathrooms utilized this for additional storage.

A better version of the three-in-a-row layout

In this plan, you can think of having one plumbing wall and more bathroom space. To be precise, the three essential features can line up one after another with the source of water supply located behind them. There can be a shower enclosure with a pocket door, and if possible, two sinks can find their place in this design, creating scope for two people to use the bathroom. If you have kids, you would appreciate this format. The tub can be 2′-6,” or if it’s a shower, its size can be 3′-0.” The double sink area can extend from 5′-0″ to 6′-0.” Having the common plumbing wall can prove cost-effective too.

‘Plumbing in two walls’ type of layout

If you can afford a budget for an extremely functional design, you cannot say no to this layout. It allows easy movement because of the thoughtful placement of the different features. For a bathroom measuring 5′ x 8′, the overall footprint can be similar to those with single wall plumbing. The main exception will be the addition of a plumbing line on the opposite wall also. To be precise, the sink and toilet can exist side by side, and the bathtub can face them from the other side.

Five-piece feature in a compact style

A master bathroom can include a toilet room, a shower, and two sinks. Some people want to have bathtubs also. However, you can opt for it if it makes sense in terms of space and utility. So, let’s assume that your bathroom is 8’x12′ or smaller than 100 sq ft. It can feature more than one door and window. Plus, you can create some more space by adding a freestanding tub. In this layout, a bathtub can be 5′-6″, shower enclosure 6’, and toilet section 4’-6″ to 5′-0″. There can be two entrances, one between the toilet and sink area and another between the sink and bathtub areas.

The tiny square bathroom layout

You can feel comfortable with this layout only if you appreciate a corner shower. Then, it looks cramped too. Still, you cannot do much because this is what you have. Anyway, in this case, your corner shower can be 3′-0″X3′-0″, toilet space 2′-6″, and sink area can vary from 2′-0″ to 2′-6″. The positions of these fixtures would be similar to L-shape. Toilet can be on the left side of the entrance and adjacent to the shower area, and the shower stall can have a sink to its right.

A brief view of some exceptions to the rules

If you hire the right professional for this job, you will realize that every bathroom can have some unique challenges that stop them from adhering to the thumb rules. But they can use the space comfortably no matter what. You can expect them to arrange a counter right down the sloping roof or a window where you thought only a mirror was possible to fit. You will believe these things when you browse various interior designs and find out how some of them tweaked a few changes to gift the bathroom the best of both worlds.

You can imagine a sprawling countertop with two sinks. Typically, you will like to include a mirror in the middle of the two sinks. However, a visionary designer can turn this ordinary choice into an extraordinary one. How? They can plan a small window between the sinks and add two side mirrors with sliding controls through barn door hardware.

A reminder of some basic design rules

A bathtub can be 2’-6” by 5’-0”. In wider options, you can get 3 inches also. If you need a soaker, it should be a minimum of 3’ x 6’. A shower measuring 3′ x 6′ can be suitable for two people. For one person, the convenient feature can be 3’-6” square. A toilet would need 2’-6” space. Then, in a master bathroom, a double vanity can be 5’ narrow.

General design rules can come in handy during redesigning or building a new bathroom. When your interior decorator explains something, you can grasp it better and put across your thoughts. Hence, it makes sense to brush up on your knowledge of this. You can also check the guidelines of the National Kitchen & Bath Association for more ideas.

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