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Link Building Strategies You Cannot Ignore In 2021


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Link building is a vital practice for you to build your SEO. The ultimate goal for your link-building plan is to increase your visibility to your consumers. Unless you know how to make your links, you may miss out on an opportunity to have a technical SEO and an excellent webpage. Here are some link building strategies you cannot afford to ignore:

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  1. Look For High-Quality Links. Suppose you go for well-reputed links such as a newspaper website instead of a blogger’s website. In that case, you have a higher impact on your website. It would help if you used tools to find lucrative websites that are relevant to your content. Don’t simply link to earn more popularity. Otherwise, you’ll end up spamming the search engine, and the search engine doesn’t react favorably to your spam.
  1. Links’ Position. Where you place your link matters immensely. Does it flow with the content, or is it somewhere at the bottom of the page? If you don’t choose an optimal position, your links may end up getting ignored, and you may lose potential conversions. If you decide to place it on your website’s sidebar once again, you’re setting up for your links to get ignored.
  1. Go For Do-Follow Links. Your links can be either no-follow or do-follow. Do follow link tells the search engine to follow the authority of these links. If you choose no-follow links, you’re essentially telling the search engine not to consider your link as an endorsement. In this case, you may lose more conversion points, and your overall conversion rate may be low, which would act unfavorably for your search engine’s rank.
  1. Go For Internal Links. Some of your pages may be more authoritative than others, suitable for an internal link strategy. When you link a less popular link to your authoritative site, you will pass on the SEO authority to the rest of your pages. It also helps your most minor pages gain a substantial following and popularity.
  1. Get Editorial Links. These links only happen if you create good content. Editorial links are handed out freely by sites without asking for a favor in return. Be a strategic blogger and write content that would help people work their way through your content. It would help if your content also has accurate data to back up your research.
  1. Have Infographics. Visual content is just as important as written content. Infographics can help you there. These allow you to communicate ideas and concepts and your research in an informative and well-structured manner. Infographics can add to your website and generate organic traffic towards your blog. Therefore you should consider infographics into your link-building strategy.
  1. Get Active On Social Media. One of the most vital tools in the digital era is to use social media. These platforms allow you to engage with different users and help you cultivate relationships. Social media gives your brand the exposure and boost it needs. You can even use your public profile to build a link-building chain. It would help users find your website right away by following the links to your website.
  1. Fix Broken Links. The internet is full of links that no longer work. You can quickly request the owner of those links to replace their dead links with a link of your own. If your new link is more resourceful and valuable, not only are you boosting your SEO you’re also getting more views more effectively.
  1. Check Your Competitor’s Links. While building your links, make sure you’re aware of where your competitors are getting their links from. This would mean tracking down their source of links and observing how it is keeping them ahead. It would also help you comprehend your link-building strategy and pay attention to what kind of links boost ranking. Suppose most of the links your competitors are getting links from media sources. That would mean you should also look into media outlets to provide links for your website.
  1. List Your Bloggers. There is a link-building strategy known as link round-up. It is a simple way of listing every blogger or website that has provided you with the relevant information for your website. It could be research, images, or videos. Documenting your sources is an excellent way to show appreciation and keeps your page highly relevant in the search engine rankings.
  1. Keep track of Your Backlinks. It’s not enough to build links, but you should keep track of all the links on your webpage. It is also a part of your digital audit. You should check if all the links on your website are up and running and not dead ends. The search engine doesn’t favor dead links, and unless you make sure to stay ahead of your webpage, you may end up ruining your SEO.
  1. Create Content Pillars. As a content creator, it is a tedious task to keep updating your website. However, a faster practice is to create a content pillar. Instead of looking for fresh content at every turn, work with what you have. Pillar articles are generally tutorials and have a more extended range. These articles stay relevant for a long time, and users keep coming back to them. It also supports a steady flow of organic traffic and keeps your website high on the SEO ranking. You save yourself the trouble of finding new content.
  1. Reclaim Links. There may be a chance that you’re losing backlinks. Please reclaim lost links instead of building newer ones from scratch. It would help if you used a site explorer to locate your lost links. Suppose you see that your link is no longer on the linking page. It may happen due to several reasons. Either an author updates their content and removes your link, or maybe your link is not updated. You can solve this issue by reaching out to the site owner and informing them to update your link or delete their web page.

Wrap Up

Link building strategy is essential to keep your webpage relevant. There are numerous ways to build your plan. Please make sure you go for high-quality links and place them in an optimal location. Strive to have different types of links on your webpage. Make use of both infographics and social media to establish a robust online presence. Check your competitor’s links and ensure that you understand what outlets should be part of your link-building plan. Keep track of your backlinks and reclaim all lost links. Finally, create a content pillar to keep your webpage fresh.

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