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Hallmarks of Top-Shelf Flowers that Every Weed Buyer should know


When you are in the market to buy weed, especially if you are a first-timer, it is essential to be familiar with the lingo of the trade. It will help to communicate your need correctly and pick the right strain that suits you best. You must know that all flowers are not alike; although they might look the same, the effects will differ depending on the THC and CBD content. THC is responsible for the euphoric effect, and CBD is responsible for health benefits without any mind-altering effects.

In addition to flowers and buds, which are the staple choice for smokers who want to get the most of the recreational value of cannabis, edibles, tinctures, oils, and other forms of cannabis are also available for the convenience of users.  To get the best value for money, never settle for anything less than top-grade, which is a ‘top-shelf bud’ in the trade parlance.

This article should help you identify the high-quality flower, which can often pose problems even for the most seasoned cannabis connoisseur. The information will help you separate the good weed from the bad one as you will know what factors to focus upon to evaluate the quality of weed.

Aroma Weed

Cannabis is agricultural produce, has the typical smell of plants, but the ones that are cultivated and cured for the best quality have a pleasant but pungent smell. Flowers that have a strong aroma or fragrance resemble a higher quality of the product. To specify the type of aroma that helps properly understand the quality, the people in the trade use various terms like pine, diesel, and skunk. Despite some variations in the aroma strength, one common thing is that the flower smells good and has an unmistakable pungent but distinct odor. A more potent fragrance translates into a more nuanced experience. A great example is White Widow, one can smell an intense hash or incense-like aroma with a musky note to it. This pungent hash odour is hinting at the massive potency of the strain.

Appearance or looks

Some visual hints indicate that the flower belongs to the high-quality group. The high visual appeal of top-grade cannabis is hard to miss, but the top shelf strains display more vibrant colors. Good quality flowers have a typical tinge of deep green hue with flaming red or orange hairs. The range of colors might vary from bright blue to deep purple.

Good weed has an abundance of trichomes that are tiny crystal-like appendages that have a typical glimmer visible on the surface of the flowers and help the compounds responsible for flavor smell and effects to adhere to the surface.


If the flower is slightly spongy and sticky when you squeeze it between the fingers lightly, then it belongs to the top grade. It should be easy to break the bud, and the stem should easily snap, but it should neither crumble nor be too much dry when you touch it.

Flower structure

Good quality sativa flowers are fluffy and light, while Indica flowers tend to be denser and tighter in structure. Too many fluffy flowers or rock-hard flowers are both negative indicators of the quality.

Since good flowers have many nicknames, which can be confusing, examining the features is a better way to ascertain the quality.

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